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Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter

September 20, 2016

by Carine Charlier, ACRO-TC President





Acrobatic gymnastics has finally made its big splash: it will be included in the programme of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games! The announcement caused happiness and excitement all over the world. In order to guarantee the gender equality over the entire Games, it will be the women’s group that will be participating but another step –an enormously important step- has been taken. After the success of ACRO at last year’s European Games, it’s a fitting reward for a discipline that takes the audiences’ breath away. The FIG Gala at the Rio Olympics confirmed this once again. What an honour and a well-deserved recognition!


Great news that delighted acro lovers worldwide: the women’s group will be part of the gymnastics competition at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. This was decided by the IOC at their recent meeting in Rio. According the age rules for YOG, the gymnasts will need to be between 15 and 18 years old in 2018. So, it's now up to the acrobatic gymnastics community to adapt to this new rule so that in 2018 Europe can provide women's groups of the highest quality, matching this level of the competition!

The IOC proposes a new multidiscipline event. All gymnasts (156 or 160) from all continents will be divided into 10 or 11 groups, with each group containing 14-16 gymnasts and competing as a multinational, multidiscipline team, consisting of men’s and women’s artistic, trampoline, acrobatic and rhythmic gymnasts.  It will also serve as qualification for the finals.

Quotas are not known yet. As soon as that is confirmed, the FIG will update and approve the qualification and competition rules.  


Read FIG's statement here!



In April, Putian City hosted the 25th World Championships. Returning home with 5 out of the 6 available World titles, Russia easily topped the medal standings. Traditionally, a strong acrobatics country, the Russians left only the men’s group gold to the host nation! Divided into three categories, the World Age Group Competitions showed a bit more variety with gold medals for Great Britain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium and USA. Excellent performances by our European gymnasts that give us much to look for to next year at the European Championships in Rzeszow (POL)!


Relive the highlights here!



This year our training camp was held in the superb facilities of Kamchia on the Bulgarian Black Coast. From 7 to 13 August, experts Galina Kovalchuk (UKR), Yuri Golyak (UKR), Sergei Tretjakov (BEL), Vladimir Makarchenko (RUS), Matei Todorov (GBR), Eva Mauriceau (FRA) and Igor Blintsov (GER) guided 72 gymnasts  and 22 coaches from 10 countries.  The coaches were present to attend the coaches’ course which focused on all aspects of acrobatics including: progression and development of pair and group elements, training and conditioning, Code of points, table of difficulty, constructing a routine, development plans, etc. 

The warm climate, the constant sun and proximity to the sea created favourable conditions and added to the fun of the camp. Swimming pools help athletes to rest and feel comfortable. The Kamchia Sports Complex is a contemporary multi-functional complex, built and equipped by Olympic standards, featuring a covered Olympic pool, athletic track, a multipurpose field, fitness halls, table tennis hall, medical center, coffee bar, outdoor soccer field and two universal playgrounds for basketball and volleyball. We had a fully equipped training hall and hall for choreography at our disposal at all times. Excellent conditions for the 2 daily training sessions, both lasting 2 hours, alternating acro training with choreography lessons. Of course it wasn’t all hard work. The participants could choose between boating on the River Kamchia or a visit to the Aerospace Planetarium. In the evening all teams prepared a show to perform at the bonfire. The trophy was an enormous water melon, weighting 22 kilo!


UEG launched its new web video series ‘Behind the Gold: Meet Europe’s Champions!’. The first episode featured the triple European Champions of 2015, Israel’s men’s group. Watch the story of Efi Sach, Yannay Kalfa, Lidar Dana and Daniel Uralevich and their coach Amir Mozes!




In 2017 a new cycle will start. As usual, this comes with some changes to the Code of Points. The biggest modifications are the change in difficulty calculation which diminishes the weight of the difficulty score on the total score, and the simplification of the system by introducing a coefficient and removing the conversion tables. On the other side, the execution score will be doubled and the scoring for artistry has also been simplified by reducing the number of criteria’s to 5 and changing to positive scoring rather than deducting points. Another change is the reduction of length of the dynamic exercise.

UEG’s Technical Committee has contributed to the discussions and decision making regarding the new code but also concerning judging. We thank the FIG and its Technical Committee for this ongoing and valuable collaboration!



With my warm regards

Carine Charlier
President ACRO-TC