Let's Fly! The Trampoline Newsletter N° 5

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Let's Fly! The Trampoline Newsletter N° 5

March 23, 2017

By Vladimir Zeman, TRA-TC President








Dear friends

In case you missed it … Uladzislau Hancharou, our European and Olympic Champion, will honour us with his presence at our annual training camp, this summer in the Portuguese city of Cascais! Don’t miss that unique opportunity to learn from the very best!

As we enter a new Olympic cycle, a new Code of Points enters into force. In this Newsletter you can find out more information about the major changes you need to keep in mind! As always, if you have any questions, the UEG’s Trampoline Technical Committee is at your disposal.

We also look far ahead, to the 2018 and the 2020 European Championships! Baku proved once again, at the recent Trampoline World Cup, that it is a host more than capable of delivering a superb event under fantastic conditions for our gymnasts, coaches and officials. In 2020, the European Championships have been included in the Olympic qualifying process. Of course, we want this event to be held in an exceptional environment so we open the call for organisers! 






Cascais, a fascinating location close to Lisbon, will host the 2017 edition of the UEG Trampoline Gymnastics Training Camp from 30 July to 6 August 2017 in all 3 disciplines: Trampoline, Double ​Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling.

We are very pleased to announce that Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR), the 2016 Olympic Champion, will be present at this camp and share his experience and expertise with the participating gymnasts and coaches! As in the previous years, also Irina Karavaeva (UEG TRA-TC / RUS), the first ever female Olympic Champion, will participate in the Camp as a coaching expert.

The team of coaching experts for 2017 includes also Olga Vlasova (BLR), the personal coach of Hancharou; Paul Greaves (GBR), personal coach of 2016 Olympics silver medallist Bryony Page and the Trampoline Coach Education representative at the British Gymnastics; Luis Nunes (UEG TRA-TC / POR, TRA+DMT), leader of the Camp; and Vadim Skakun (RUS, TUM). Several other experts are still in the negotiation process.

The Training Camp is designed for gymnasts aged between 11 and 18, for all gymnasts and coaches willing to profit from the international high level expertise. Gymnasts and coaches from developing countries are welcomed as well. Besides the improvement-oriented training under the supervision and with the support of the UEG coaching experts and the moderated exchange of the coaching experience, the programme of the Camp also includes a friendly competition and leisure activities for all participating gymnasts and coaches.

Want to participate? Contact your national federation! The provisional entry deadline was on 15.3.2017 and the definitive entry deadline is on 30.4.2017. Due the capacity limits we recommend you to send your entries as soon as possible! Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity! Want to know who to watch out for? We have published preview on our website, guiding you through all disciplines and categories. Check it out!



Both in individual and synchronised Trampoline, separate judging of Horizontal Displacement on the Trampoline bed has been introduced. This will be extracted from the execution score. The deductions are now applied for the landings in defined areas on the Trampoline bed outside the middle box (108 x 108 cm).

Horizontal Displacement is the next step of increasing the objectivity of judging in Trampoline. It is also simple and understandable for the spectators, who can easily compare their own scores with the official score.

Horizontal Displacement has been successfully applied at the FIG World Cup in Baku (AZE) last month and the ever first HD scores were obtained by Ruslan Aghamirov (AZE) – 9.550 pts and Nicole Pacheco (POR) – 8.400 pts.

In the near future the Horizontal Displacement should be judged electronically by the complex device(s) which also judge the Time of Flight and Synchronisation. Nevertheless, also the option for judging by judges (without the HD device) is included into the new Code of Points.

In all Trampoline Gymnastics disciplines all additional deductions have been moved from the execution scores to the penalties which are subtracted from the total score for the routine / pass. The execution scores are simplified and include now the deductions from the single elements within the routine / pass and the landing deductions after the last element of the completed routine / pass only.

In Trampoline the number of elements with counting difficulty in the first routine in senior competitions is increased from 2 to 4. This should increase the variety of the elements and routines in the Qualification Round of the Trampoline competitions, as the elements with the counting difficulty in the first routine cannot be repeated in the second routine.

In Synchronised Trampoline the single deductions for the lack in synchronisation have no more the limit of 0.5 pts per element, the deduction applied can be between 0.00 and 1.00 now. This change -together with the introduction of Horizontal Displacement- are a big challenge for the synchronised pairs to concentrate on excellent synchronisation during the whole routine.

In Trampoline the Execution will be judged by 6 judges from now on. In Individual Trampoline two middle judges’ marks / element and landing deductions will be taken for the Execution score calculation. In Synchronised Trampoline 3 judges will judge the Trampoline no. 1 and 3 judges the Trampoline no. 2 and the average of median judges’ marks / element and landing deductions on Trampoline no. 1  and median judges’ marks / element and landing deductions on Trampoline no. 2 will be taken for the Execution score calculation.

In Individual Trampoline the total score for the routine now includes: Execution score (max. 20 pts) + Horizontal Displacement score (max. 10 pts) + Difficulty score + Time of Flight score – Penalties. In Synchronised Trampoline the total score for the routine now includes: Execution score (max. 10 pts) + Horizontal Displacement score (max. 10 pts) + Score for Synchronisation (max. 20 pts) + Difficulty score – Penalties.

The Assistant to the Chair of Judges Panel and the judge operating the Time of Flight / Synchronisation device exist no more in Trampoline. The complex device will be operated by the Chair of Judges Panel.

The decrease of difficulty value of Special elements (Aerial, Flic-Flac, Front hand-spring, Round-off, Whipback), the increase of the difficulty value of single twisting somersaults, bonus for each front somersault and bonus for the second, third, etc. element with minimum difficulty of 2.0 pts in one pass in women competitions should increase the variety of the elements and passes during the Tumbling competitions. 

In Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline the Execution will be judged by 5 judges again, nevertheless 3 middle judges’ marks / element and landing deductions will be taken for the Execution score calculation now. The remaining part of the process of total score for the routine calculation remains unchanged: Execution score (max. 30 pts) + Difficulty score – Penalties.

To protect young gymnasts, the quadruple somersaults in Youth/Junior and in World Age Group competitions are not allowed in all Trampoline Gymnastics disciplines. In the 11 - 12 age group at the World Age Group competition also triple somersaults are prohibited. Any abuse of those rules will result in the disqualification from the competition.

In Trampoline a competitor may have either one (1) or two (2) of their own spotters, one of each side of the trampoline now. A spotter mat may be used by the competitor’s own spotter(s) newly from both sides of the trampoline.

More detailed and complex information about the new FIG Trampoline Gymnastics Code of Points for 2017-2020 has been delivered to the judges during the Intercontinental and International Judges Courses organised by FIG in February and March 2017.




The 2018 European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling will be held in Baku (AZE) in the fabulous National Gymnastics Arena from 9 to 15 April 2018.

On 18 and 19 February, the AGF Trophy – FIG World Cup World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling has been organised in Baku. This was an excellent event, showing the high level of preparation for the 2018 European Championships. We would like to congratulate the host on the excellent organisation of the World Cup competition and also on the very special arrangement of the Arena, running of the competition, quantity of spectators and media coverage.

Also the scoring system provided at the World Cup by SmartScoring, global partner of UEG, has already adopted the changes from the new Code of Points 2017-2020 and will provide the 2018 European Championships with very good service.

The UEG TRA-TC is also planning its TC meeting in Baku at the end of August 2017 and dedicate part of the meeting to the preparation of the 2018 European Championships and fine-tuning of the SmartScoring scoring system for the championships.


For the first time ever, the 2020 European Championships will be part of the Olympic qualifying process! The event is planned to be held from 28 to 31 May 2020. And we are looking for an excellent host for this fantastic event!

The deadline for submitting the bids is 1st June 2017 with a decision taken by the UEG Executive Committee on 8th September 2017.

Interested? Contact the UEG office for more information!




Hope to have informed you yet again about the world of Trampoline!

Vladimir Zeman 

UEG TRA-TC President