Let's Fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 7

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Let's Fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 7

April 4, 2018

By Vladimir Zeman, TRA-TC President







In just a few days my colleagues of the Technical Committee and I will travel to Azerbaijan for the European Championships. Both juniors and seniors will compete in 4 categories: individual trampoline, synchronised trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline. Two years have passed since the previous edition in Valladolid (ESP). Will the defending champions reign again? Or will new faces emerge? We will know next week! One thing I’m 100% sure about: the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the organisers in Baku, have prepared this event extremely well. All athletes will be warmly welcomed and the competition will be of the highest level! And you can follow all the action … Read more about it in this Newsletter.

I am proud to work with this experienced TC that includes Babette Van Wetering, Luis Nunes, Irina Karavaeva, Mariela Stoycheva and Patrick Siegfried. We welcome Konrad Bojakowski from Poland who will contribute new ideas to this well-oiled machine.



In January 2016 UEG launched a video series called ‘Behind the Gold: Meet Europe’s Champions!’. The fifth episode was filmed in the Belarussian Olympic training center Stayki and features the husband-and-wife team Uladzislau Hancharou and Hanna Hancharova, better known to trampoline fans as Hanna Harchonak.

The two European Champions talk about their biggest success, failures, motivation and reveal each other’s best -and worst- characteristics! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now!


Full episode



420 gymnasts representing 25 Federations … that is the total amount of gymnasts who will be competing in Baku next week. The teams will arrive on Monday, podium training begins on Tuesday and competition kicks off on Thursday at noon local time. 

Several big names have been interviewed by the UEG, revealing their ambitions. The interviews with Tumbling talent Mikhail Malkin and DMT star Mikhail Zalomin will get you in the mood for Baku! And many more will be published in the coming week.



Thanks to the Azerbaijan TV there will be a TV production of the entire Championships! This will be available worldwide via SmartScoring’s dedicated platform gymtv.online

Besides this, UEG’s partner SmartScoring will experiment with different cameras on their platform so you can choose between the qualifications on different events that take place simultaneously. 

What a luxury for the fans that can’t make it to Baku! Share the link with your friends and family!






Uladzislau Hancharou, Dmitri Ushakov, Anna Korobeynikova, Lina Sjoeberg, Mikhail Zalomin, Kat Driscoll, Léa Labrousse, Daniel Perez … the list of big names participating is endless! But they will face tough competition from the up-and-coming new stars like Rasmus Steffensen. The battles for the medals will be exciting to watch. And way too difficult to predict. 

Per category we have analysed who to watch!


For the up-to-date schedule and start lists, please check our event website!




Last week we sent out the invitation to our annual training camp. This year we return to the excellent facilities of the Portuguese Federation in Cascais. The three disciplines Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline will be practised under the expert eyes of Luis Nunes and Irina Karavaeva, and coached by Paul Greaves, Julie Perreten, Sergio Lucas (TRA) and Vladislav Skakun (TUM). 

Gymnasts born between 2000 and 2007 are invited to learn from the best! Great facilities in an excellent location, a true summer holiday focusing on the best sport in the world. 

Save the date: 22 to 28 July 2018! Interested? Contact your federation for more information. But hurry, the deadline is 30 April…


Looking for to seeing the best athletes in Europe in action in Baku! Follow their adventures, they deserve your support!

Vladimir Zeman

TRA-TC President