Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 4

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Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 4

November 16, 2016

By Vladimir Zeman and Miguel Vicente, President and Vice-President of the TRA-TC




2016 has been a truly spectacular year for Trampoline! Starting with our European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline in the Spanish town of Valladolid, over the Aquece Rio test event, culminating in a European victory in men’s trampoline at the Rio Olympic Games! In this Newsletter we look back on these highlights and look ahead to the new Olympic cycle. Happy reading!



The Rio Olympic Arena hosted a very exciting competition, which saw European gymnastics represented by 10 female and 6 male gymnasts from 8 countries (Belarus, France, Great Britain, Georgia, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine).

Europe returned to the top of the podium in Rio when the reigning European Champion Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR) brilliantly earned the Gold medal. Chinese gymnasts have been dominant since 2007 in the men’s event, winning every individual Gold medal at the World Championships and Olympic Games for eight years in a row. Consequently, Dong Dong and Gao Lei were the two favourites in the Rio Olympic Arena. However, Hancharou’s determination in a superb routine in the Final round proved, once again, that everything can happen in our spectacular sport. Clear lines and body positions without almost any travel from the central cross of the trampoline bed unanimously impressed the judges and pushed the current European Champion to a historic first-ever medal for Belarus, a country which has always played a key role in Trampoline Gymnastics.

Rosie MacLennan (CAN) became the first gymnast ever to successfully defend an Olympic crown in Trampoline Gymnastics. She proved to be consistent and based her victory on a high time of flight and a controlled difficulty. Rosie’s coach, Dave Ross, conquered his seventh medal in five Olympic editions, becoming the most successful coach in Trampoline Gymnastics.

Europe was astonishingly defended by Bryony Page (GBR) who edged the Chinese and Belarussian favourites with an amazing routine in the final and earned the silver medal, a historic first Olympic medal for Great Britain in Trampoline. Page’s performance and her reaction full of emotions was one of the highlights of this event. Tatiana Piatrenia (BLR) finished in fifth position, after qualifying to the final in first position after a brilliant performance that was not matched in that precise moment where medals are distributed.

Both Hancharou and Page are now the best ambassadors of a European Trampoline community that needs to keep working hard to edge the dominance of China and Canada during the last decade.





Cascais, a fascinating locating close to Lisbon (POR) hosted the 11th edition of the UEG Trampoline Training Camp during the last week of July. The registered participation broke previous records with more than fifty gymnasts and more than 20 coaches attending the sessions run by the six UEG experts onsite. Luis Nunes and Irina Karavaeva represented the UEG TC and were in charge of the organisation, together with a big and solid group of local organisers. Sergio Lucas, Julie Perreten and Vadim Skakun completed the team of experts that stayed in direct touch with all participants in active and stimulating training sessions during a nice summer week.

Cascais (Portugal) will also be the host city of the 2017 UEG Trampoline Gymnastics Training Camp, so the first week of August should be reserved in your national federation’s agenda.

The 2017 camp will be held from 30 July to 6 August and all three disciplines will be included again. Save the date and contact your Federation to register!



At the end of March, Europe’s junior and senior gymnasts gathered in the Spanish town of Valladolid for the 25th European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline.

The star-studded line-up - including defending European Champions, 2015 European Games Champions, (former) World Champions and the 2012 Vice-Olympic Champion- guaranteed a high-level show. And they didn’t disappoint! For several gymnasts this was the last competition before travelling to Rio to fight for a place in the Olympics, for others it was the first competition to test their upgraded programme, and for many juniors it was the first time competing at this level.

Mark your agenda! The next Europeans will be held 9 – 15 April 2018 in Baku (AZE)!




After receiving the authorisation for the project, the Trampoline Technical Committee is working hard in order to launch an online platform devoted to raise awareness, to reach bigger audiences and to provide their fans with coaching and judging resources to enrich their knowledge and practice of Trampoline Gymnastics.

The TrampOnline Platform aims to turn into a forum and a digital repertoire for both beginners and skilled users, as it intends to collect and increase the visibility of already existing materials and to prepare new resources to be used in different levels of formation and education about Trampoline Gymnastics. The TC expects to launch the TrampOnline Platform at the end of 2016 and sends an open call for collaboration to the Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT community, as its goal is to become something useful in spreading our sport in all dimensions.



The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee ran its second 2016 meeting in Krasnodar (RUS), hometown of the 2000 Olympic Games Champion and current TC member Irina Karavaeva, during the third weekend of September. This meeting served as an evaluation of the 2016 European Championships in Valladolid (ESP) and the 2016 Training Camp in Cascais (POR). A detailed review of both events was carried out, underlining both the efforts and weaknesses. Sincere gratitude was expressed to, respectively, the Spanish and Portuguese federations for their commitment and professionality in both activities.

Moreover, the meeting was conceived as a starting point of some of the projects already being developed by the TC. Educational initiatives and competition formats were reviewed with a long-term approach, thinking about the Trampoline Gymnastics of the day after tomorrow. The online educational platform and the promotion of an idea of new European Age Group event was included in the agenda and received a solid support by the TC.

Besides the organisational and planning work, the meeting was completed with an emotional visit to the Krasnodar training centre where the two first Olympic Games Gold medallists, Alexander Moskalenko and Irina Karavaeva, developed their amazing career following the instruction of the coaching legend known worldwide, Vitali Dubko.





The will to increase the quantity and technical quality of European federations practicing Trampoline Gymnastics is also behind another interesting project in hands of the Technical Committee. During this ongoing autumn, Slovenia and Finland will welcome coaches searching to improve their technical skills in trampoline and DMT.

Rence (SLO) hosted a workshop focusing on Trampoline technical development. The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee started this project back in 2012 in Ljubljana. Four years after, Slovenia has taken the steps forward to access the continental level, as they have competed in both international and UEG events. So it was time to take a new step. At this workshop Luis Nunes (POR) and Paul Greaves (GBR) helped coaches in Slovenia and neighbouring countries to train their coaches at a higher level. 30 coaches from 5 countries participated in the workshop at the beginning of November.

At the beginning of December we organise another workshop, this time in Lohja (FIN) which will complete this initiative for 2016. The Workshop will be focused on the development of Double Mini-Trampoline in combination with Trampoline. Luis Nunes (POR) and Ulf Andersson (SWE) will provide the participants with the package of theory and practical lessons in both disciplines. 


With our warm regards

Miguel Vicente                           
UEG TRA-TC Vicepresident                   

Vladimir Zeman
UEG TRA-TC President