Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 2

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Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter N° 2

February 8, 2016

By Vladimir Zeman, TRA-TC President and Miguel Vicente, TRA-TC Vice-President






Dear friends,

UEG’s Trampoline Technical Committee wishes you all a very happy New Year! 2016 promises to be a very exciting year for our discipline as we will hold our bi-annual European Championships which start at the end of March in Valladolid. In the summer we all meet again for our annual training camp, and all eyes will of course turn towards Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games! Plenty of action to keep the trampoline enthusiasts happy.

Find out more about our events in this Newsletter. If you want to contact the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee, please feel free to send me an e-mail on mvicentem@yahoo.es

In the meantime, I wish you happy reading!






The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee run its second and third official meetings during 2015 in Valladolid (ESP) from 11 to 14 September and in Lisbon (POR) from 11 to 13 December, respectively. These two meeting were mainly devoted to the preparation of the upcoming 25th European Championships in 2016, to be held in Valladolid from 31 March until 3 April. 

Spain will host these championships once again after more than 30 years, as Burgos was the city in charge of running this event back in 1983. After having organised up to five World Cup competitions since 2008, the Spanish Gymnastics Federation took a step forward running the main event within Europe.

The TC completed an on-site visit to the venue whilst the last World Cup was being conducted in September, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the venue and the organising team. The conducted evaluation was positive, as it proved to be a successful event with the highest participation ever in a FIG World Cup competition. In order to help the European Championships’ preparations, the TC run a one-day-meeting with the local organisers, sharing their ideas and opinions about the better way to present our sport next spring.

In December, a follow-up on the preparations was completed and a second on-site visit to the venue was agreed to be conducted during the third weekend of February 2016. As the deadline for receiving definitive entries is established by January 18, this meeting will also be used to perform the drawing of lots. Vladimír Zeman (CZE), President of the Trampoline TC, is willing to welcome a high participation in these new chances for the European countries to show their evolution: “As Trampoline Gymnastics are only running their continental championships every second year, Valladolid is clearly marked in the gymnasts’ calendar as a chance to perform at their best to achieve the European medals. We are aiming at increasing the amount of participating federations and gymnasts and we are also expecting that their performances will be at the very best level, as most of the main contenders will be getting almost ready for the second Olympic Games qualification event, to be held in Rio, only two weeks after the Finals in Valladolid.”

We are also happy to inform you that the Semi-finals will be held in both the Trampoline Individual Senior and Junior competitions in Valladolid.




Trampoline Gymnastics was a successful part of the official programme of the inaugural European Games with both individual and synchronized trampoline events. More than 50 gymnasts competed in Azerbaijan to get the first four Gold medals of this multi-sport event. Russia swept this event in trampoline, as they achieved all four Gold medals. 

Dmitry Ushakov, 2012 Olympic Games silver medallist, proved once again that when he is in his best shape, his style always impressed both judges and audience. Claiming this first Gold medal in Baku, Ushakov placed Russia once again on top of the continental scene. Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR) and local star Ilya Grishunin (AZE) completed a historical podium.

The national anthem of the Russian Federation was played once again to honour Ushakov, as he claimed the gold also in the synchronized event, together with his teammate Michail Melnik. Belarus paired Hancharou and Mikalai Kazak to get a silver medal, with yet another performance of the legendary Belarus veteran, as Kazak has been collecting World class medals since 1994: taking into consideration that his current Synchro partner, Hancharou, was born in 1995, this milestone proves the dimension of a true champion like Mikalai. Bronze medal went to Martin Gromowski and Kyrylo Sonn from Germany, representing declining Western European countries in both men’s events.

Individual women event returned an intense battle between Russia, Great Britain and Belarus, both during the preliminaries and the Finals. Yana Pavlova obtained the Gold medal, edging Kat Driscoll (Great Britain) and current European Champion Hanna Harchonak, from Belarus. Pavlova doubled her gold awards after winning the synchronized event together with Anna Kornetskaya, even though this pair had very limited time to prepare these Games. The podium was completed with Marine Jurbert and Joelle Vallez, from France, and with the Portuguese pair composed by Ana Rente and Beatriz Martins.


World Championships: from Odense to Rio… Exciting journey ahead!

Odense hosted the 31st FIG World Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT during the last week of November. This event was also the first qualification step for Rio 2016 Olympic Games in individual trampoline and the only chance to qualify for the Wroclaw 2017 World Games in synchronized trampoline, tumbling and DMT. Consequently, tension was easily perceived in the field of play and emotions were leading most of the competition dates under a friendly atmosphere.

China was clearly the dominant nation in these championships, acquiring 8 of the 14 available World titles and a total of 13 medals. Only the Russian Federation was able to slightly follow the Chinese, claiming 9 medals, being three of them golden ones and the Russian men managed to break China’s dominance by clinching team gold in very exciting Trampoline team final. The United States obtained 2 Gold medals, whereas Canada earned the remaining one. Among European countries, Belarus achieved 6 medals (4 silver and 2 bronze), Great Britain 4 medals (all of them silvered), and Ukraine, France and Sweden accessed the medal table by earning one bronze.

European nations succeeded also in the first Olympic qualification in Individual Trampoline and Belarus, France, Georgia, Great Britain and Russia already won 8 direct spots for 2016 Olympic Games. In the qualification for 2017 World Games 32 spots were confirmed to European countries in Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline. Congratulations! 



Olympic Games Top 8 qualifiers (2004-2016)

Both DMT and Tumbling showed once again that when it comes to emotion and energy, they are the best disciplines to be followed. Some unforgettable finals, including quadruple somersaults or double straight somersaults with five twists in DMT or full-in triple back picked in Tumbling will be kept alive in the mind all the audience and, luckily, to anyone accessing the online videos of this event in diverse channels and social networking sites.





The 2015 UEG Trampoline Training Camp was successfully run in the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch. After the experienced collected in 2014, the content of the camp was reviewed and updated, leading to a more timely structure and internal organization. The roster of experts involved in the camp took care of both technical and social aspects, providing the attendees with an enriching experience. Luís Nunes (POR, UEG TC Member), coach of diverse Olympic gymnasts and World DMT champions, and Irina Karavaeva (RUS, UEG TC Member), 2000 Olympic Games Champion and multiple World and European Champion, were in charge of the camp, working together with some internationally well-known coaches as Paul Greaves (GBR), Lennard Villafuerte (NED) and Vadim Skakun (RUS).

But now it is time to think about the future years and the UEG has just launched a call for potential organizers of this camp in 2016 and 2017. All procedure and guidelines have been distributed to all National Federations, after being finalised during the recent UEG Technical Committee Meeting. The UEG will announce the new host of next year’s camp by the end of January 2016. The TC wants to organize the UEG Training Camp for all three disciplines again (TRA & TUM & DMT) on 17-23 (18-24) July 2016. We are happy to announce that in those dates the TUM expert will be Vadim Skakoun (RUS) again.

All the information and more content related to the training camp can be found at the Facebook page of this consolidated reference in the trampoline calendars of activities.




With kind regards

Vladimir Zeman
President, UEG TRA-TC

Miguel Vicente
Vice-President, UEG TRA-TC