Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter


Let’s fly! The Trampoline Gymnastics Newsletter

May 8, 2015

By Vladimir Zeman, TRA-TC President

“2015 is a stimulating year for Trampoline Gymnastics!”


Dear Friends,

The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee ran its first 2015 meeting in Amsterdam (NED) from 23 to 26 April. An intense agenda was followed in order to prepare an exciting upcoming year, with the European Games as the main attraction for elite performers, but also placing education at a central position, as the Training Camp to be held in s’ Hertogenbosch (NED) during the first week of August will keep a flagship role within UEG activities regarding Trampoline Gymnastics.

Vladimír Zeman (CZE), President of the Trampoline TC, highlights the relevance of these two main events and extends a warm invitation to all the UEG family to follow them and to get as involved as much as possible on them:

2015 is a stimulating year for Trampoline Gymnastics and the European Games have a lot to do with it. We want to see our gymnasts competing in the best events and Baku will be the place to be during the next months. We are very much looking forward to presenting an important part of our sport there, but keeping in mind that we still want to strengthen the position of Tumbling and DMT in the future, so they can also access these multi-sport events”.


1. TRA, TUM and DMT gymnasts are welcomed at the 2015 Trampoline Training Camp!

The invitation for the 2015 UEG Trampoline Training Camp (August 3rd-9th, 2015) is now available to all National Federations, after being finalised during the recent UEG Technical Committee Meeting. The Dutch city of s’Hertogenbosch will welcome once again the younger generations of trampoline gymnasts and tumblers. The combination of one of the best European facilities for practising gymnastics and the experience obtained after the 2014 edition will turn this new camp in another success, being an amazing chance to work with some of the best coaches in the world.


The roster of experts involved in the camp is guaranteeing both technical quality and social enrichment. Luís Nunes (POR, UEG TC Member), coach of diverse Olympic gymnasts and World DMT champions, and Irina Karavaeva (RUS, UEG TC Member), 2000 Olympic Games Champion and multi-World and European Champion, will lead the camp. They will coordinate a solid team composed by some prominent coaches as Paul Greaves (GBR) and Lennard Villafuerte (NED) for trampoline and Vadim Skakun (RUS) for tumbling.



Luís Nunes underlined that UEG “is doing its best to present an appealing menu for the young gymnasts, joining up a team with some of the best experts in the World and opening their doors to the three disciplines that compose the Trampoline Gymnastics program. The knowledge and experience of the experts will create a positive atmosphere in the gym and all participants will see how their performance gets better as they get in touch with other ways of coaching and learning”.

Besides the training sessions, coaches’ education will become an integral part of the camp, as a significant part of the camp will be devoted to help the attending coaches to become better on their daily work with the gymnasts.



Participation fee per person and stay is €485 and includeshotel double room accommodation, meals, transfer from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, leisure activity, closing party and T-shirt. Limited cheaper option in 2 apartments with 5 double bunk beds is offered by €380 per person and stay as well. Local organizer is also ready to assist with the alternative accommodation and local transport arrangement, if requested.

The entries can be sent by National Federations only. The entries should be sent by May 31st, 2015.

The invitation and inscription has been already sent to the National Federations and is available also on the UEG website.

More information and content related to the training camp can be found also at the Facebook page of this consolidated reference in the trampoline calendars of activities.

2. Next destination: Baku European Games!

Trampoline Gymnastics face the upcoming European Games as a chance to showcase its virtuosity, harmony and dynamism in a top-notch event where two of its four specialities will be included in the official program. Individual trampoline, after its successful incorporation to the Olympic Games back in 2000, has proved to be a true attraction for both audience and media. More than 50 gymnasts will compete in Azerbaijan to get the first Gold medals of this multi-sport event. Additionally, the symmetry and coordination of synchronized trampoline will make its official debut in a magnificent scenario. 

After the test event held at the beginning of March, the schedule was adjusted to offer an intense combination of routines. There will two panels acting at the same time, leading to a continuous alternation of men and women performing in front of a crowded audience. So action has been placed at the forefront of this show: the connection with Aerobic Gymnastics will also help to create an intense atmosphere both onsite and on the TV broadcasting.

2015 is a key year for all trampoline gymnasts, as the preparation for the World Championships and the qualification for Rio 2016 is in everyone’s minds. Baku will be the first test to evaluate the chances of European gymnasts to challenge the Asian and American dominance of the last two Olympic cycles.

3. Imagining Trampoline Gymnastics the day after tomorrow

Following the general UEG strategy and guidelines, the Trampoline Technical Committee got engaged in a challenging brainstorming to both identify the weaknesses of current Trampoline Gymnastics events and propose new ideas to make our sport attractive to a wider audience. 

After an intense discussion about a wide array of topics, some agreements were reached to identify some aspects leading to a closer connection to all those following, or willing to follow, Trampoline and Tumbling activities. Some of the measures agreed to be taken and suggested to the UEG Executive Committee were:

·              Approach competitions from the audience’s perspective, doing an effort to stand of the people’s shoes and offer them something else than just a technically attractive show. The main purpose would be to get the audience involved in physical and intellectual activities related to the sport displayed on the arena.

·              Provide a prominent role to onsite speakers and to the commentators involved in mediated coverages. Silence in the hall must be filled in with words and light music in order to make everyone aware of what is going on in every given moment of an event.

·              Competition length must be reduced by diminishing breaks, marches, ceremonies, trying to create a more dynamic and vibrant tempo in the hall.

·              Online streaming must be available in all events, no matter if there is also a live TV broadcasting, as we aim to reach small audiences but belonging to very diverse geographical settings.

·              The audience must be the priority, so more resources and time must be devoted to them. The fast evolution of mobile applications should be a key field to be explored, as competitions could be followed in a closer way by people not only involved in Trampoline Gymnastics but also willing to get a basic knowledge about it.

As this is an open debate and it will remain open for several months, the Trampoline Technical Committee would also like to receive your opinions and comments. In order to do so, please feel free to contact the UEG TC Vice President, Miguel Vicente (mvicentem@yahoo.es).

With kind regards

Miguel Vicente

Vladimir Zeman

TRA-TC Vice President

TRA-TC President