James Langley learned valuable coaching experience on exchange in Sweden


James Langley learned valuable coaching experience on exchange in Sweden

June 21, 2018

As part of the ICIT exchange organised by UEG for TeamGym coaches

Langley participated in the International Coaches Internship for TeamGym (ICIT) last year and is happy to share his experience with us.


UEG: Can you introduce yourself to us?

Langley: Hello, my name is James. I am 20 years old and I am a full-time coach at Bracknell Gymnastics Club. I coach a range of groups from development gymnasts (age 7) up to senior Double Mini-Trampoline gymnasts (age 18). I came into TeamGym at the age of 15 as a gymnast and competed at my first Europeans in 2016. I first started coaching at the age of 16 where I was volunteering for 2 hours a week at a recreational level. I am now currently starting my level 4 coaching qualification in TeamGym.


UEG: Can you tell us about the TeamGym internship you did last year?

Langley: Last year I went to Sweden to visit Bromma for a week, the experience was amazing. I got to see loads of gymnastics and even had some time to go around Stockholm before we started training. In the training session we saw lots of drills for tumble, trampet and vault starting with basic running and take off drills all the way through to the senior men’s twisting triples. It was awesome to be able to see all ages train and how they changed the session for each age group.

UEG: How did you hear about it?

Langley: I heard about the programme from my club manager.


UEG: What were the things you liked most? What could be improved? What was the most fun thing you did there?

Langley: For me I think the best parts of the trip were: making connections with new coaches; seeing different parts of the world; finding different ways of coaching; seeing different techniques used to coach skills on all pieces; using different equipment that we don’t have in the UK. I can’t think of any ways to improve the process as I enjoyed it so much and loved every moment I was there for.


UEG: What is the key message you take away from this kind of exchange programme?

Langley: That there are lots of different ways to reach the same goal. By exploring lots of different ways to teach we can help more people.


UEG: Why would you recommend ICIT?

Langley: I think ICIT is a great way for younger coaches to explore different coaching techniques as well as working with coaches they haven’t worked with before. It is a great way to learn about other countries’ competition structure and development pathways. It was great to see a variety of different equipment from what we have in the UK and how they made the best use of space within the gyms to maximise their training hours.


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