Italian juniors impress at Gymnix

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Italian juniors impress at Gymnix

March 15, 2017

Montreal hosted its annual Gymnix competition over the weekend.

Italy sent their talented junior team that is already fully focusing on Tokyo 2020. Well-known in Italy thanks to a web series following their adventures, twins Alice and Asia D’Amato, Elisa Iorio and Giorgia Villa made their names known to the entire world in Canada. Co-coached by European and World Champion Vanessa Ferrari, the girls rocked the team competition, with all 4 gymnasts finishing in the top 7. Italy outscored the entire field on vault where they threw nice double-twisting Yurchenko’s and on bars. On beam and floor USA was the best. Their team consisted of Emma Malabuyo, Gabby Perea, Maile O’Keefe and Sunisa Lee, an impressive line-up of talent who already perform great difficulty. It was this difficulty that led O’Keefe and Perea to a 1-2 finish in the all-around. Giorgia Villa had to settle for the bronze medal. In event finals Asia D’Amato added a bronze on vault and Elisa Iorio bronze on bars. What a great showing by these amazing juniors!

In the senior competition no European gymnasts participated. The event was highlighted by the performances of 41-year-old Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) and the reunion with her former Soviet coach Aleksandr Aleksandrov. Flashback to the early 90s!

Junior results


1.      USA 166.603

2.      Italy 164.038

3.      Russia 157.405



1.      Maile O’Keefe (USA) 55.934

2.      Gabby Perea (USA) 55.700

3.      Giorgia Villa (ITA) 55.502

4.      Emma Malabuyo (USA) 54.135

5.      Asia D’Amato (ITA) 53.934

6.      Elisa Iorio (ITA) 53.902

7.      Alice D’Amato (ITA) 53.668

8.      Daria Belousova (RUS) 53.268



1.      Emma Malabuyo (USA) 14.388

2.      Maile O’Keefe (USA) 14.100

3.      Asia D’Amato (ITA) 13.975



1.      Gabby Perea (USA) 14.600

2.      Sunisa Lee (USA) 14.125

3.      Elisa Iorio (ITA) 13.725



1.      Gabby Perea (USA) 13.825

2.      Zoé Allaire-Bourgie (CAN) 13.575

3.      Maile O’Keefe (USA) 12.575


Floor :

1.      Maile O’Keefe (USA) 13.675

1.      Gabby Perea (USA) 13.675

3.      Ana Padurariu (CAN) 13.500


Seniors results


1.      Shallon Olsen (CAN) 14.500

2.      Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) 14.475

3.      Hitomi Hatakeda (JPN) 14.025



1.      Hitomi Hatakeda (JPN) 13.825

2.      Emily Whitehead (AUS) 13.000

3.      Ayu Koike (JPN) 12.950



1.      Hitomi Hatakeda (JPN) 13.350

2.      Jade Chrobok (CAN) 13.275

3.      Rianna Mizzen (AUS) 13.200



1.      Hitomi Hatakeda (JPN) 13.600

2.      Megan Roberts (CAN) 13.567

3.      Shallon Olsen (CAN) 13.467


Photos courtesy of the Italian Gymnastics Federation