It’s time to make some strategic choices


It’s time to make some strategic choices

November 19, 2015

European Gymnastics faces its future

The Executive Committee of the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) met in Bratislava (SVK), on the eve of its General Assembly. Two strategic topics stand out from the agenda of the Executive: the gymnastics of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the renewal of the FIG authorities in autumn 2016.

The UEG and its President Georges Guelzec (FRA) have engaged in, during several months, in a study about the formats that gymnastics should put in first place in middle and long term, as to conserve its attractiveness for audience, media and announcers. The conclusions of this reflexion concerning communication, finances, governance and sport, will be divulged during the special Colloquium organised in the frame of the Assembly of Bratislava. The decisions will be taken by the delegates at the 2017 Congress, which will be held in Split (CRO). "I wish that all our National Federations take the time and size the strategic importance of our decisions." The UEG President insisted. On the theme of the upcoming FIG elections, he added: "Our Union must ensure its representation within the FIG and assert its rights and values."

On the economic side, the members were delighted about the renewal of the contracts with Eurovision and Kapital Bank, an insurance of an essential financial independence for the Union.

Next, the UEG’s Executive validated the 2017 events calendar. The European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics, attributed to Romania will be contested in April in either Bucharest or in Cluj Napoca. The decision will be taken in December 2015. The Rhythmic Championships will be held in Budapest (HUN) in May, with Aerobics and Acrobatics in October, in Rimini (ITA) and Rzeszow (POL) respectively. Finally, it is in Split (CRO) that the UEG will meet for its Elective Assembly from 1 to 3 December 2017.