Israeli national anthem to conclude Rhythmic Europeans


Israeli national anthem to conclude Rhythmic Europeans

June 19, 2016

Competition report of the apparatus finals at the 2016 Rhythmic Europeans in Holon (ISR)

On the last day of these 32nd European Championships, 3000 spectators enjoyed outstanding performances by the junior individuals and senior groups. And the numerous Israel fans were treated to an absolute delight: after the 2 medals won by Nicol Zelikman, a silver with hoop and a bronze with ball, the Israeli group performed fabulously, first winning the silver with 5 ribbons, then stepping it up a notch, taking the European title with 2 hoops and 3 pairs of clubs. The crowd went insane, tears of joy ran down the faces of the delegation members, and the national anthem was accompanied by a thousand voices.

Belarus showed an excellent 5 ribbons routine, taking the gold. This was the first time at these Europeans that we didn’t hear the Russian anthem! Spain’s performances were as entertaining as always. Add consistency to this and the ladies rewarded themselves with a silver and a bronze. What a great birthday present to group member Artemi Gavezou who celebrates her 22nd birthday today! Bulgaria wonderfully mastered their 2 hoops and 6 clubs routine, putting them on the podium in third place. Russia, who won the all-around European title on Friday, performed sub-par to leave them without medals today.

5 ribbons:

1.      BLR 18.516

2.      ISR 18.400

3.      ESP 18.133

4.      BUL 18.066

5.      RUS 17.933

6.      ITA 17.675

7.      UKR 17.650

8.      AZE 17.333

2 hoops & 3 pairs of clubs:

1.      ISR 18.316

2.      ESP 18.233

3.      BUL 18.133

4.      BLR 17.666

5.      FIN 17.200

6.      GER 16.900

7.      ITA 16.766

8.      RUS 15.991

Russia’s Polina Shmatko, who’s only 13 years old, took 2 European titles this afternoon, making her the most decorated gymnast of these Championships. She was the best with ball and clubs. The two other gold medals also went to Russia. Alina Ermolova topped the rope final while Maria Sergeeva owned the hoop final. Only two gymnasts managed to qualify to all 4 finals: Italy’s Alexandra Agiurgiuclese and Bulgaria’s Yoana Nikolova. The former is returning home with a nice collection: silver with ball and clubs, and bronze with rope. Nikolova unfortunately didn’t get any silverware but her consistent performances landed her 2 fourth and two fifth places. Congratulations to all gymnasts!

Rope final:

1.      Alina Ermolova (RUS) 17.050

2.      Julia Evchik (BLR) 16.916

3.      Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 16.383

4.      Yuliana Telegina (ISR) 16.283

5.      Yoana Nikolova (BUL) 16.200

6.      Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 16.050

7.      Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 15.966

8.      Veronika Hudis (AZE) 15.500

Hoop final:

1. Maria Sergeeva (RUS) 16.900

2. Alina Harnasko (BLR) 16.700

2. Nicol Zelikman (ISR) 16.700

4. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 16.158

5. Yoana Nikolova (BUL) 15.850

6. Mira Varay (HUN) 15.641

7. Olena Diachenko (UKR) 15.100

8. Ilaha Mammadova (AZE) 14.883


Ball final:

1. Polina Shmatko (RUS) 17.100

2. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 16.783

3. Nicol Zelikman (ISR) 16.700

4. Yoana Nikolova (BUL) 16.466

5. Julia Evchik (BLR) 16.016

6. Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 15.916

7. Danae Collard (FRA) 15.883

8. Olena Diachenko (UKR) 14.416


Clubs final:

1. Polina Shmatko (RUS) 17.200

2. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 16.883

3. Julia Isachanka (BLR) 16.850

4. Yoana Nikolova (BUL) 16.600

5. Julia Vodopyanova (ARM) 16.066

5. Olena Diachenko (UKR) 16.066

7. Elisabeth Rachid (FRA) 15.666

8. Yuliana Telegina (ISR) 15.633

This concludes the 32nd Rhythmic Europeans. Thanks Holon for the excellent conditions, thanks to all gymnasts and coaches for the magnificent performances!