Israel, Russia and Great Britain claim 12 – 18 European titles


Israel, Russia and Great Britain claim 12 – 18 European titles

October 15, 2017

Competition report of the finals in the 12 – 18 Age Group at #ACRO2017

Women’s Pairs

Great Britain’s second women’s pair, Olivia Procter and Evie Hancox, outscored their countrymen yesterday to qualify in first place to this final. Procter already pocketed a silver Age Groups European medal 2 years ago in Riesa (GER) and she expertly led her partner through this competition, scoring an impressive 9.300 in artistry and edging Darina Ignatenia & Polina Pilipenko (RUS) by a tenth in execution. The first title in the 12 – 18 age group goes to Great Britain! Russia takes silver and Gali Rosenstein & Kami Ram (ISR) claim the bronze.


1. Olivia Procter & Evie Hancox (GBR) 28.300

2. Darina Ignatenia & Polina Pilipenko (RUS) 27.950

3. Gali Rosenstein & Kami Ram (ISR) 27.340

4. Beatriz Domingues & Marta Oliveira (POR) 26.750

5. Insaaf El Amraoui & Lisanne Verbeet (NED) 26.440

6. Cassie Merault & Adèle Lapierre (FRA) 26.300

7. Gina Lee Nickler & Pia Schuetze (GER) 26.100

8. Robin Van Der Heyen & Majlen Mattheessens (BEL) 25.700


Men’s Pairs

Great Britain’s Frazer Windows & Finlay Gray took the top position after the qualification round as they posted the top score for both balance and dynamic. In the final their main rivals Timofei Ivanov & Maksim Karavaev (RUS) upped their game producing a superbly executed combined exercise that scored the highest score of this final, 28.750! The British lads took the silver, more than a point ahead of Ukraine that won its first medal of these Europeans.


1. Timofei Ivanov & Maksim Karavaev (RUS) 28.750

2. Frazer Windows & Finlay Gray (GBR) 28.300

3. Mykolai Zemlianyi & Ivan Khazhanets (UKR) 27.050

4. Bruno Ramalho & Fabio Beco (POR) 26.780

5. Ilya Sedunou & Mikhail Valadzko (BLR) 25.950

6. Simon De Wever & Rajo Timmermans (BEL) 22.930


Mixed Pairs

Great Britain’s Jordan Franklin and Ella Hanna Sanz and Russia’s Madina Zakariaeva and Oleg Varvaruzos both scored 28.300 in this final. Unfortunately for the Russians, the new Code of Points doesn’t allow ties anymore so the winner was decided according to the qualification results which put Great Britain in the gold medal position. Portugal’s Pedro Malato and Ines Semedo clinched the bronze medal, finishing two tenths ahead of Seppe Beyens and Margot Bogaerts of Belgium.


1. Jordan Franklin & Ella Hanna Sanz (GBR) 28.300

2. Madina Zakariaeva & Oleg Varvaruzos (RUS) 28.300

3. Pedro Malato & Ines Semedo (POR) 27.250

4. Seppe Beyens & Margot Bogaerts (BEL) 27.050

5. Nikola Kaminska & Michal Wrobel (POL) 27.050

6. Sacha Venin & Lou Depenne (FRA) 26.100

7. Lorenzo Martino & Rebecca Sirca (ITA) 25.800

8. Darya Kulenok & Dzmitry Yermilau (BLR) 25.650


Women’s Groups

After posting the top score for their balance exercise and the second score for their dynamic routine, the Israeli trio of Yaroslava Bekarenev, Nikol Aleinik & Noa Kazado Yakar pulled of a spectacular combined routine on their way to victory in this category. The Israeli girls dominated the final, beating Darya Niamarskaya, Anhelina Tsiukha and Sofiya Belmach of Belarus by 6 tenths of a point. The battle for bronze was exciting with three groups in contention: France, Belgium and Great Britain. Belgium posted the highest execution score but was beaten in artistry by the two other. In the end, France edged Belgium by just 0.030 with Great Britain a further 2 hundredths behind in fifth.


1. Yaroslava Bekarenev, Nikol Aleinik & Noa Kazado Yakar (ISR) 28.200

2. Darya Niamarskaya, Anhelina Tsiukha & Sofiya Belmach (BLR) 27.600

3. Enora Thely, Genoa Howat & Emma El Aoudi El Akari (FRA) 27.150

4. Malou Willemot, Silke Coppens & Yana Degroote (BEL) 27.120

5. Milly Eaton, Olivia Huscroft & Ruby Horsman (GBR) 27.100

6. Emilya Nazarli, Raziya Seyidli & Laman Mammadova (AZE) 26.600

7. Raquel Fernandes, Ana Alvaro & Barbara Felix (POR) 26.050

8. Iana Enikeeva, Alina Fedorova & Arina Averina (RUS) 25.700


Men’s groups

Portugal’s Miguel Silva, Henrique Silva, Joao Pereira & Henrique Piqueiro won the bronze medal 2 years ago and were in the top spot after qualifications. Unfortunately for them, their spectacular performance was surpassed by the Russian quarto Ivan Ivanov, Bogdan Stepanov, Maksim Pavelko and Rustam Salimdzhanov, by just 2 tenths. Another gold for Russia and an improvement from bronze to silver for the Portuguese!

1. Ivan Ivanov, Bogdan Stepanov, Maksim Pavelko & Rustam Salimdzhanov (RUS) 28.200

2. Miguel Silva, Henrique Silva, Joao Pereira & Henrique Piqueiro (POR) 28.000

3. Max Crawford, Daniel Axford, Jacob Robinson & Cameron Patrick-Lothian (GBR) 26.450

4. Jorge Navarro De Alfonso, Jose Moreno, Erik Lundqvist Mila & Roberto Blasco (ESP) 25.700

5. Ihar Kalbasau, Matsvei Prankevich, Saveli Osipau & Aliaksei Minkou (BLR) 25.100

6. Maciej Durkalec, Melchior Czernik, Michal Ziemak & Kacper Sprawka (POL) 22.450


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