Gymnasts from 7 different countries lead qualifications

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Gymnasts from 7 different countries lead qualifications

April 19, 2017

Competition report of the men’s qualification at the 2017 Artistic Gymnastics Europeans

In Cluj’s Polyvalent Hall, more than 150 men battled for a place in the all-around (best 24 gymnasts) or event finals (best 8). As expected with a new Code of Points, the audience saw some hesitations and a few spectacular falls but also witnessed great performances, stuck dismounts and a great atmosphere.

For the all-around crown it promises to be an exciting fight for the three podium places between defending European Champion, and Vice-Olympic Champion, Oleg Verniaiev, Russian champion Artur Dalaloyan and his teammate Nikita Ignatyev, Great Britain’s James Hall, Switzerland’s Oliver Hegi and Eddy Yusof and Armenia’s Artur Davtyan.


Top 8 all-around

1. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 85.966

2. DALALOYAN Artur (RUS) 85.198

3. HALL James (GBR) 84.473

4. HEGI Oliver (SUI) 84.297

5. ARICAN Ferhat (TUR) 82.631

6. IGNATYEV Nikita (RUS) 82.498

7. YUSOF Eddy (SUI) 82.482

8. DAVTYAN Artur (ARM) 82.132



Rayderley Zapata nailed his insane tumbling passes to lead the qualification on his favourite event, floor. The Spaniard was thrilled to have overcome the problems that haunted him in podium training. A bit over a tenth behind Zapata was local hero Marian Dragulescu, who handled the pressure of an expectant Romanian public with ease. 2016 bronze medallist Alexander Shatilov aims to be on the podium again and is joined in the final by his talented teammate Artem Dolgopyat. A rarely-seen triple somersault launched Dmitrii Lankin into the fourth position, just ahead of Oleg Verniaiev.

1. ZAPATA Rayderley Miguel (ESP) 14.800

2. DRAGULESCU Marian (ROU) 14.666

3. SHATILOV Alexander (ISR) 14.466

4. LANKIN Dmitrii (RUS) 14.433

5. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 14.400

6. DOLGOPYAT Artem (ISR) 14.391

7. BULAUSKI Pavel (BLR) 14.333

8. CUNNINGHAM Dominick (GBR) 14.333


Cheval d’arçon

2012 Olympic Champion Krisztian Berki showed off his elegant lines to easily top the pommel horse ranking ahead of Russia’s David Belyvavskiy. Several specialists will be aiming for the title on Saturday: Saso Bertoncelj, Harutyun Merdinyan and Robert Seligman. And it’s a pleasure to see Turkey’s Ferhat Arican made it into the top 8 too, as he is mainly known for his excellent work on parallel bars.

1. BERKI Krisztian (HUN) 15.200

2. BELYAVSKIY David (RUS) 15.000

3. BERTONCELJ Saso (SLO) 14.733

4. MERDINYAN Harutyun (ARM) 14.700

5. HEGI Oliver (SUI) 14.633

6. SELIGMAN Robert (CRO) 14.433

7. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 14.433

8. ARICAN Ferhat (TUR) 14.366


Reigning European, World and Olympic Champion Eleftherios Petrounias remains untouchable in this new Olympic cycle as well. The Greek lord of the rings held off an Armenian challenge from Artur Tovmasyan and Vahagn Davtyan, and is obviously a great influence in Greece as his teammate Konstantinos Konstantinidis also qualified to the final.

1. PETROUNIAS Eleftherios (GRE) 15.366

2. TOVMASYAN Artur (ARM) 15.033

3. TULLOCH Courtney (GBR) 14.933

4. DAVTYAN Vahagn (ARM) 14.866

5. RADIVILOV Igor (UKR) 14.833

6. LANKIN Dmitrii (RUS) 14.766

7. COLAK Ibrahim (TUR) 14.733

8. KONSTANTINIDIS Konstantinos (GRE) 14.700



An exciting mix of known vault final faces and fresh blood topped the vault qualifications today. In first place, to the delight of the audience, Marian Dragulescu, tied for 14.666 with Ukraine’s Igor Radivilov. Israel’s Andrey Medvedev performed a great piked Dragulescu but had to put his hands down on his Tsukahara double pike. Luckily he’ll get another chance, he squeezes into the final in the eighth and last available spot.


1. DRAGULESCU Marian (ROU) 14.666

2. RADIVILOV Igor (UKR) 14.666

3. DALALOYAN Artur (RUS) 14.533

4. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 14.516

5. HRIMECHE Zachari (FRA) 14.466

6. DAVTYAN Artur (ARM) 14.383

7. CUNNINGHAM Dominick Adam (GBR) 14.374

8. MEDVEDEV Andrey (ISR) 14.366


Parallel bars

Several excellent performances on parallel bars followed one another during these qualification rounds. Germany’s Marcel Nguyen outscored his closest rival Ferhat Arican by just 0.033, and the same gap existed between Arican and third-placed Lukas Dauser while Olympic Champion on this event Oleg Verniaiev was one tenth further down in fourth place.

1. NGUYEN Marcel (GER) 15.166

2. ARICAN Ferhat (TUR) 15.133

3. DAUSER Lukas (GER) 15.100

4. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 14.900

5. BELYAVSKIY David (RUS) 14.900

6. YUSOF Eddy (SUI) 14.500

7. NAGORNYY Nikito (RUS) 14.475

8. HEGI Oliver (SUI) 14.466


High bar

The Swiss truly mastered high bar today, placing within the top 8 with three gymnasts! Unfortunately for Taha Serhani he misses out on the final due to the two-per-country rule. Oliver Hegi beat Russia’s David Belyavskiy for the top spot while British newcomer James Hall swung to third, holding off Anton Kovacevic, Pablo Braegger and Edgar Boulet who were all within a whisper from each other.

1. HEGI Oliver (SUI) 14.466

2. BELYAVSKIY David (RUS) 14.266

3. HALL James (GBR) 14.200

4. KOVACEVIC Anton (CRO) 14.166

5. BRAEGGER Pablo (SUI) 14.166

6. BOULET Edgar (FRA) 14.133

7. DEURLOO Bart (NED) 13.866

8. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) 13.733


These European Championships continue tomorrow with the women’s qualification!