Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 2


Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 2

August 21, 2015

By Maria Stahl and Kamil Skwarczyncki, UEG Gymnastics for All Technical Committee members

Gymnastics for All ... developing the whole time. New equipment and ideas gives us a bigger and wider perspective. Gymnastics for All is really for ALL, with the goal to make all gymnasts feel joy, friendship and have the opportunity to challenge themselves. To succeed in this the coaches need to be open minded and have knowledge to recognise each gymnast’s abilities and help them develop. A key point for this is education! Education gives you a platform to stand on, new ideas and inspiration to develop and to go forward as a coach. You always learn something new, even if you have a lot of experience and knowledge. The educational courses is also a time where you could meet your gymnastics friends, old ones as well as make new ones, and exchange experiences! 

Education is one of the task forces for the UEG Gymnastics for All Technical Committee. It is the common thread in everything we do and support the federations with. The goal is to be an active part in the development of Gymnastics for All in Europe.  We support and offer different educational matters for different target groups. In this newsletter we will give you a hint of what we do. You can also read more on the UEG-web page: If you have any questions please e-mail Maria or Kamil on the Education task force. Let us introduce ourselves!







Maria Stahl from Sweden, a member of UEG - GfA since six years

Works on educational matters in the national sports federation in Sweden and has worked at the Swedish gymnastic federation for ten years before that.

Maria has two different metaphors to have in mind:

"Develop yourself to help developing others” and "Learn from each other – together we are much richer of knowledge”








Kamil Skwarczynski from Poland, a member of UEG GfA since two years

Was an artistic gymnast, judge, coach and now is working with management of sport in the Polish gymnastic federation and other sports projects in Poland.

Kamil believes that,

“Gymnastic for All is everywhere in the neighbourhood, just like running and swimming. Gymnastic for All is various forms of gymnastics that everyone can do”.





During each of our big events we organise workshops to support the development of each gymnast and give them the opportunity to get a bigger perspective of Gymnastic for All. We also offer an educational forum for the coaches, mostly with focus on developing performances and gymnastics elements in a creative and fun way.


How do you interest the audience? How do you make a show that the audience will remember?


This course gives you an answer to the questions above and much more. The course is based on both theories and practical lessons and focuses on the three areas choreography, evaluation and giving feedback. After the course you will have the tools and conditions based on the different elements to create and develop a good show and memorable performance.  This time the ECC will be held in Slovenia in September 2015. Want to be part of it? You can still register!


How can you make attractive and funny lessons for Children and Youth in Gymnastic for All? How can you give each gymnast a feeling of success and develop of gymnastic skills?


For the first time we will welcome you to the Seminar ‘Gymnastics for Fun’ over a weekend in Lillsved, just outside Stockholm in Sweden. A Seminar with both theoretical and practical lessons from experts in the field combined with discussions and group studies. A Seminar for sharing knowledge and new ideas which also gives the opportunity for a network for future events. The seminar will give you more knowledge and ideas how to create and develop an attractive gymnastics built on physical training and gymnastic elements. This seminar is for coaches, instructors and responsible people for children and youth in national federations. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Contact Maria Stahl on  so we can welcome you in Sweden from 9 to 11 October!


We invite all our Federations, associations and clubs to join our Flash Mob on Saturday 12th September and animate 1000 cities with streets full of gymnastics showing off our beautiful and fun sport. That is our goal! 

Watch choreographer Guy Maeder perform the Flash mob here:    

And share the link with all your gymnastics friends!If you want to download the music, it is called “Don´t Worry” by Maicon. Practice the Flash mob, film it and send your clip to us on We will publish your videos on our Facebook page! Cities like Seixal (POR), Coimbra (POR), Brussels (BEL), London (GBR), Stuttgart (GER), Bern (SUI), Lausanne (SUI), Rome (ITA) and Helsinki (FIN) have already confirmed their participation. You can also organise one, just let us know and #BeActive!