Great Britain and Russia divide European Age Group 11 – 16 titles


Great Britain and Russia divide European Age Group 11 – 16 titles

October 15, 2017

Competition report of the finals of the 11 – 16 Age Group at #ACRO2017

Women’s pairs

The top 10 women’s pairs advanced to this final where they all performed their dynamic exercise. All pairs matched in difficulty with 0.5 so the medals were decided on artistry and execution. Top qualifiers Sasha Carpenter and Poppy Yates from Great Britain cruised to victory, with excellent artistry and execution scores, for a total of 27.650. The real battle was for the silver and the bronze medal between Russia, Belgium and Israel who finished within 0.150 of one another. Israeli’s Ofri Dinar and Shai Shavit had the highest artistry but trailed their competitors in execution, leaving them in fourth place. Russia’s Albina Bavykina and Angelina Ronshina outscored Nora Dejonghe and Nelle Van Der Taelen of Belgium to take the silver medal.


1. Sasha Carpenter & Poppy Yates (GBR) 27.650

2. Albina Bavykina & Angelina Ronshina (RUS) 27.150

3. Nora Dejonghe & Nelle Van Der Taelen (BEL) 27.100

4. Ofri Dinar & Shai Shavit (ISR) 27.000

5. Madalena Mesquita & Mariana Costa (POR) 26.350

6. Laura Karczmarzyk & Pia Buttjes (GER) 26.250

7. Valeriia Kobets & Viktoria Kozlovska (UKR) 26.200

8. Montserrat Ballesteros & Sara Santiago (ESP) 26.000

9. Lian Boersma & Amber Bosma (NED) 25.950

10. Karyna Hancharova & Viktoryia Luchanok (BLR) 24.850


Mixed pairs

The strength and depth Russia has in this category is just incredible. Year after year they manage to produce world-class athletes. In this category the Russian representatives, Anastasiia Chaganova and Nikita Ignatev, excelled, showing off great skill for their young age, taking the European title and beating British pair Joseph Hill and Cheri-May Cunnigham and Portugal’s Manuel Candeias & Madalena Cavilhas. These two pairs posted the same score but the tie was broken based on the all-round results in qualifications, meaning silver for Great Britain and bronze for Portugal.

1. Anastasiia Chaganova & Nikita Ignatev (RUS) 27.650

2. Joseph Hill & Cheri-May Cunnigham (GBR) 27.200

3. Manuel Candeias & Madalena Cavilhas (POR) 27.200

4. Meron Weissmann & Hadar Fainshtein (ISR) 26.750

5. Mariam Shiukashvili & Lasha Gibradze (GEO) 26.000

6. Alexandre Sierra & Sandra Pintor (ESP) 25.850

7. Florian Borcea-Pfitzmann & Samira Rawolle (GER) 25.550

8. Nico Richter & Lena Meinhard (AUT) 24.850


Men’s pairs

In qualifications, Great Britain and Russia fought a close battle, switching between themselves for the top position in balance and dynamic. They repeated this fight in today’s final. Top qualifiers Andrew Morris-Hunt & Archie Goonesekera (GBR) were narrowly outscored by their Russian rivals Vladislav Glevitskii and Samir Mamedov in artistry and execution. Gold for Russia and silver for Great Britain! Nadav Gershgoren & Chen Banuz (ISR) easily held onto the third place they claimed after qualifications, scoring 26.500, more than enough for the bronze medal.


1. Vladislav Glevitskii & Samir Mamedov (RUS) 27.750

2. Andrew Morris-Hunt & Archie Goonesekera (GBR) 27.500

3. Nadav Gershgoren & Chen Banuz (ISR) 27.100

4. Francisco Semedo & Luis Ferreira (POR) 26.500

5. Daniel Abbasov & Murad Rafiyev (AZE) 26.000

6. Fernando Romero & Javier Echevarrieta (ESP) 25.150


Women’s groups

Great Britain and Russia gave each other a run for their money in this final! Russia performed a superb routine that was rewarded with the highest execution score of this final. However, Great Britain scored an impressive 9.250 for artistry to overtake the Russians by just 0.050 in the highest scoring final of this morning: 28.050 for Molly Berry, Trudie Roper & Sumaiya Hines (GBR) compared to 28.000 for Aygul Mametmuradova, Margarita Girenko & Elvira Iushinova (RUS). Portugal’s trio put on an entertaining performance, holding off Belgium’s challenge for the bronze medal.


1. Molly Berry, Trudie Roper & Sumaiya Hines (GBR) 28.050

2. Aygul Mametmuradova, Margarita Girenko & Elvira Iushinova (RUS) 28.000

3. Matilde Vieira, Margarida Malato & Margarida Sousa (POR) 27.450

4. Kiara De Backer, Xanthe Blokland & Fleur Hermans (BEL) 27.100

5. Volha Yazotchanka, Darya Ivaniutsenka & Aliaksandra Varazhun (BLR) 26.600

6. Daria Ivanova, Steisi Vasileva & Gabriela Boevska (BUL) 26.550

7. Daryna Pomianovska, Oleksandra Malchuk & Viktoriia Kunitska (UKR) 26.500

8. Arjenne Steenbergen, Myrthe Tognini & Iris Bergsma (NED) 26.400

9. Johanna Schmalfuss, Hanna Luisa Prell & Paulina Krause (GER) 26.200

10. Shir Bender, Maya David & Maya Weiss (ISR) 25.350


The men’s group final was held out of competition because of insufficient number of participants. The 4 competing groups did show off exactly how spectacular their discipline is. Israel’s youth is ready to step in the footsteps of their more experienced teammates, performing in the same energetic and elegant style.

1. Adam Nudel, Yonatan Fridman, Roei Noam & Nevo Moshe Gavra (ISR) 27.350

2. Nazar Kirillov, Oleg Krivenko, Vladimir Chernov & Sharafuddin Burakov (RUS) 27.250

3. Jack Clegg, Bradley Gold, Jake Turner & Harry Watson (GBR) 26.450

4. Andrej Gusaciok, Ilja Loktev, Vadim Nasyr, Irmantas Nemeika (LTU) 19.550