Great Britain, Israel and Russia collect more gold at Acro Europeans


Great Britain, Israel and Russia collect more gold at Acro Europeans

October 20, 2017

Competition report of the finals on day 2 of #ACRO2017

The Podpromie Hall in Rzeszow (POL) welcomed Europe’s best junior and senior acrobatic gymnasts as they performed their second routine today. In the evening, 5 finals were held!



Men’s pair – dynamic

Russia’s Andrei Zuev and Artem Simonov topped the qualification round with 28.450, almost a full point ahead of nearest rivals Callum Portugal-Walker and Kieran Blower (GBR). However, in the final, the British lads gave it their all, performing a superb routine that got the crowd on its feet. They were rewarded with 28.500. In the meantime, the Russians had some issues which dropped their score to 27.850. Gold for Great Britain and silver to Russia who held off the Belarussian duo of Aleh Mikhalevich and Maksim Markevich by just 0.050.


1. Callum Portugal-Walker & Kieran Blower (GBR) 28.500

2. Andrei Zuev & Artem Simonov (RUS) 27.850

3. Aleh Mikhalevich & Maksim Markevich (BLR) 27.800

4. Henrique Branco & Tomas Filipe (POR) 27.040

5. Mykyta Lukakhin & Mykyta Nikitin (UKR) 26.740

6. Aleksander Szczerbaty & Dominik Pozniak (POL) 24.940


Women’s pair – balance

The Ukrainian ladies Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska and Yuliia Pylypiak lead after qualification with 28.100. In the final they scored just a bit less, 28.050, for a nice routine. Their score was good enough for the bronze medal, as they were overtaken by two pairs, Russia represented by Iasmina Ishankulova and Kristina Garshina and Belarus with Maryna Kulahina and Anna Distel, with the Russian girls taking the European title.


1. Iasmina Ishankulova & Kristina Garshina (RUS) 28.620

2. Maryna Kulahina & Anna Distel (BLR) 28.200

3. Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska & Yuliia Pylypiak (UKR) 28.050

4. Mariana Candeias & Marta Nunes (POR) 27.470

5. Arbel Rubinstein & Noa Kaplan (ISR) 27.420

6. Scarlet Stranchan-Wills & Isobel Davey (GBR) 24.560



Mixed pairs – dynamic

Russian stars Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya continued to impress with their incredible difficulty and gorgeous choreography. Both in qualification and in the final, they produced a routine worth more than 30 points, the mythical line in acrobatics. As you have known for years, everything Marina touches becomes gold… British talents Lewis Walker and Katherine Williams overcame the problems they had in qualification, to score a superb 29.580, a well-deserved second place that probably feels like gold. Belarussians Artur Beliakou and Volha Melnik were delighted with the bronze medal.

1. Marina Chernova & Georgii Pataraia (RUS) 30.390

2. Lewis Walker & Katherine Williams (GBR) 29.580

3. Artur Beliakou & Volha Melnik (BLR) 28.660

4. Bruno Tavares & Beatriz Ferreira (POR) 27.580

5. Wojciech Dackiewicz & Julia Kraj (POL) 26.730

6. Silvia Coronado & Guillem Martinez (ESP) 25.950


Women’s group – balance

The reigning junior World Champions Polina Plastinina, Kseniia Zagoskina and Daria Chebulanka (RUS) showed off skills and style, well beyond their age to clinch their first senior European title. Three tenths behind them were Great Britain’s Isabel Haigh, Ilisha Boardman and Emily Hancock who will be looking to claim a gold of their own over the next two days. Another bronze for Belarus as Karina Sandovich, Julia Ivonchyk and Veranika Nabokina grab the bronze. We’re delighted to see the trios of the Netherlands, Spain and Germany in this final, showing how acrobatic gymnastics is gaining popularity in the countries were it is not traditionally known.


1. Polina Plastinina, Kseniia Zagoskina & Daria Chebulanka (RUS) 29.200

2. Isabel Haigh, Ilisha Boardman & Emily Hancock (GBR) 28.840

3. Karina Sandovich, Julia Ivonchyk & Veranika Nabokina (BLR) 28.060

4. Fem Van Os, Pleunie Van Mook & Mariska Van de Water (NED) 27.070

5. Andrea Verisimo, Belen Gomez & Alexandra Gonzalez (ESP) 26.800

6. Alina Heinowski, Annalena Kunz & Anna Hannemann (GER) 26.730


Men’s group – balance

With a spectacular routine that gave the audience goose bumps, Israel’s defending triple European Champions Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach & Lidar Dana advanced to the final in first place but just 2 tenths ahead of the junior Champions Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate & Adam Upcott (GBR). As expected by many acro insiders, the fight for this year’s European titles will be an exciting battle between these two amazing groups who performed even better routines in the final, posting a 29.740 for Israel compared to 29.550 for Great Britain. After the injury that prevented them from competing at their best at the recent World Games, the Israeli guys were delighted with another European title. An exciting battle also for the bronze where just 0.040 separated bronze medallists Russia and fourth placed Ukraine.


1. Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach & Lidar Dana (ISR) 29.740

2. Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate & Adam Upcott (GBR) 29.550

3. Vadim Nabiev, Aleksandr Pchelnikov, Victor Grechukhin & Andrei Shkvarok (RUS) 28.510

4. Vladyslav Kukurudz, Stanislav Kukurudz, Yurii Push & Taras Yarush (UKR) 28.470

5. Noam Raj Patel, Bram Geusens, Jonas Anthoon & Hannes Garre (BEL) 27.530

6. Vincent Kuehne, Sebastian Grohmann, Erik Leppuhner & Tom Maedler (GER) 26.750