General Assembly in the Norwegian Federation elected a new board.

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General Assembly in the Norwegian Federation elected a new board.

May 1, 2012

The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation arranged their General Assembly the 29th of April 2012.


There were many important issues regarding the politics within the Norwegian Federation that was discussed during the sessions. The General Assembly had a good and fruitful discussion about the organization of the Gymnastic regions throughout Norway, and they also decided upon one centralized database for all members in all the clubs within the Federation.
The Assembly acknowledged the long term plan for the federation looking 12 years ahead, both taking into consideration the development within the organization, the activities within the competition activities and the gymnastics for all.
The last item on the Agenda was the election to the new board. Mr. Stig Nilssen was resigning from the Presidency after ten years in office, and three other members of the board were also resigning. But the new president and her board were elected by acclamation and it now consists of the following persons.
President: Mrs. Kristin Paulshus Gilbert
Vice President: Mr. Rolf Michael Lossius
Member: Mrs. Lise Lorentzen Mandal
Member: Mrs. Reidun Skretting
Member: Mr. Bjørnar Skogheim
Deputy member: Mrs. Lone Bruvold Hansen
Deputy member: Mr. Stig Rønne
The changes are effective immediately.
The General Assembly took leave of their former President with a lot of good words and greetings, and it was obvious that Mr. Stig Nilssen was a very popular and respected president. The new president has been a member of the board the last two years, and the General Assembly was very happy with her taking over and continuing the work of the former president and his board.
The picture above shows the former president, Mr. Stig Nilssen, congratulating the new president Mrs. Kristin Gilbert.
The picture shows the new board, sitting in front is Mrs Kristin Paulshus Gilbert (president), and Mr Rolf Michael Lossius (vice president), standing from left to right, Mrs. Reidun Skretting (member), Mrs. Lone Bruvold Hansen (deputy member), Mr. Stig Rønne (deputy member), Mrs. Lise Lorentzen Mandal (member), Mr. Bjørnar Skogheim (member) and Mr. Øistein Leren (secretary general)
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