Federation Friday: Sweden


Federation Friday: Sweden

January 8, 2016

Get to know TeamGym, hugely popular in Sweden!

What is Federation Friday? Each Friday in 2016 UEG give the floor to one of our 50 member federations. They can show us their most popular discipline, famous gymnasts, original show projects, whatever they want!  So it’s always a surprise what you will get to see!

Our first edition features Sweden and they have chosen to highlight Team Gym: “The biggest gymnastic discipline in Sweden, and it is growing!

Gymnastics in Sweden shows a great variety. There is a wide spectra of activities ranging from the traditional sport disciplines as Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Ropeskipping, Trampoline, Team Gym, Aerobic Gymnastics to Gymnastics for All and General Gymnastics. We also include more spontaneous forms of movement as in Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking. The Swedish Gymnastic Federation consists of 229 0000 members in 1 100 associations.

Team Gym is the biggest gymnastic discipline in Sweden with about 26,000 gymnasts having a license to compete. The first official competitions took place in 1980, making Team Gym a quite young discipline. It is growing each year with thousands of practisers.

Since 2014 Swedish Gymnastic is working from a development model consisting of eight jigsaw puzzle pieces, where our practisers and clubs have different kinds of activities. It consists of everything from gymnastics for children where playing games is in the focus, to competition and training on all levels, in all forms and for all age groups, with the aim of a lifelong activity and movement. Our group training is big and has more than 90 000 practisers, and this part will grow even more in the future.

Team Gym has been working intensely with the development model and the ten key factors connected to it. This has among other things resulted in a new Code of Points for national competitions just below the utter top level. Below are some examples of what the new system has taken into consideration:

  • The perspective of human rights for children: Each rule has been evaluated from the child’s perspective. Changes have been made where gymnastics by tradition or thoughtlessness has rewarded something leading to a coach making decisions not focusing on the best for the gymnasts.
  • Open competitions: Some competitions are open for both boys and girls to take part and compete together. The reason is to broaden our competitions so that all clubs with Team Gym, big or small, have a competition to take part in.
  • More gymnasts may participate: At some national competitions between 8 and 20 gymnasts can participate in each round. The reason is to prevent the rules to contribute to early exclusion. By that more gymnasts are given the possibility to show what they can do in a competition, and take part of the competition experience.

Sweden is among the top nations in Team Gym, and we have had many international successes. At the European Championship 2014 Sweden won the gold medal in the Women’s competition, silver medal in the Men’s competition and bronze medal in the Mixed competition. Among the 12 gymnasts forming the European All Star Team we have four Swedish gymnasts - Julia Meinl, Hanna Meinl, Jacob Melin, and Lucas Bodin. Six gymnasts were also awarded for Best Performance during the European Championship, and among those were three gymnasts from Sweden: Julia Meinl, Jacob Melin, and Johanna Malmberg.


Watch the movie where Jacob Melin in his own words describes what Team Gym is all about:



Text: Swedish Gymnastics Federation