Federation Friday: Spain

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Federation Friday: Spain

June 24, 2016

This week the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation is our host! They talk about the recent communication and marketing efforts to promote our sport and the many events organised in Spain

The President of the Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics, Jesús Carballo, and his team, have been working, since his election in 2010, to provide the Federation with a fresh and modern image that would help the growth of gymnastics and increase its visibility.


Thus, Carballo, a connoisseur of the sport due to his past as a double World Champion in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, is managing the Federation under the principles of growth, visibility and commitment to new technologies without neglecting the optimal preparation of his gymnasts and the training of his technicians, highlighting the medals won by our teams in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Aerobics and Trampoline in both world championships and continental competitions in the past few years.


In order to achieve this, the Federation has developed a number of communication and marketing campaigns that have brought a greater number of sponsors and has placed gymnastics in a previously unseen top position.


As an example of our determination to do things differently, in 2014, the video "I have wings" whose slogan soon became a hallmark of the Federation was launched. The idea was to show the media and the general audience the values of gymnastics.


After this campaign, promoted by the federation, we got a major sponsorship from a leading company in the insurance field: Divina Pastora



Due to the growing interest, in 2015 the national rhythmic gymnastics team was elected to be the star of the most anticipated Christmas campaign: the Freixenet tv spot, the best seller champagne in Spain.


Also, we have signed various sponsorship contracts with companies related to the cosmetics or fashion world as important as OYSHO (Inditex Group).


More recently, on the occasion of the celebration of the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil, the Federation launched the campaign "A Ritmo de Rio". The video reached 300.000 visits in just 24 hours and more than two million views within the first week.



We do not want to forget the commitment made by this Federation, whose president has been recently re-elected for another 4 years, with the major sports events. Thus, during this 2016, the Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics has organized the European Championships in Trampoline and the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. The success of both events confirms the good health of the gymnastics in Spain and portends a future full of good news.



Text and videos: Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation