Federation Friday: Slovenia

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Federation Friday: Slovenia

January 29, 2016

As 2 of the UEG’s 7 events this year are hosted in Slovenia, it is time to put this beautiful nation in the spotlight!

Gymnastics has a long tradition in Slovenia as it all started the middle of the 19th century with the development of the Sokol movement that found a place in many Slovenian towns. Slovenian gymnasts were very successful at that time, between both World Wars they attended all major competitions and won many medals at Olympic Games and World Championships. One of the most successful gymnasts at that time was Leon Štukelj, he won 7 Olympic medals and 11 medals on World Championships.

Slovenian Gymnastic Federation was founded on 16th December 1962 in Ljubljana. The first ten years of the federation are marked as a golden era of Slovenian gymnastic since that was the time of enormous success of Slovenian gymnasts at major competitions. At that time, Miro Cerar won altogether 30 medals at Olympic Games, World and European Championships and is considered one of the most successful Slovenian sportsmen of all time.

In the last two decades the two most successful gymnasts were Aljaž Pegan and Mitja Petkovšek, both World and European Champions. We are also very proud of the achievements of current “flag bearers” Sašo Bertoncelj, Alen Dimic, Rok Klavora, Žiga Šilc, Adela Šajn, Saša Golob, Teja Belak, Tjaša Kysselef and others who are all reaching for medals at World Cups and others major competitions.

Although all of the before mentioned gymnasts come from Artistic Gymnastics, Slovenian Gymnastics Federation performs in the Rhythmic gymnastics, Gymnastics for All, Trampoline, Acrobatics and Aerobics as well. The Federation has altogether 45 member clubs and around 4500 registered individuals.

Beginning of 2016 was also marked by a very special event for our federation and most important for the further development of gymnastics in Slovenia. Namely a new and modern gymnastics center finally opened its doors in Ljubljana and after 45 years dreams became a reality. 


Slovenian Gymnastics Federation is also very active in organizing competitions, conferences, and other international events. In January, we organized annual Scientific and technical conference of Slovenian Gymnastics Federation with a purpose of spreading knowledge to a wide range of professionals active in gymnastics. This year’s main theme was the ‘Psychological preparation of gymnasts’ and it was supported by different lectures and workshops which were attended by more than 350 participants.

This year we will organize 12. Consecutive FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Ljubljana between 8th and 10th April.

In October 2016, Golden Age Gym Festival will take place in Portorož, Slovenia. We already have more than 1900 participants from 20 different countries registered for GAGF and we believe it will be an excellent event with a great atmosphere. We would also like to invite volunteers from all over Europe to help us and join our team. If you want to be a part of GAGF 2016 please send us mail to info@goldenage2016.com. You can find more information about GAGF 2016 at the official website: www.goldenage2016.com.

This year we will also host 11th European TeamGym Championships, from 12 to 15 October in Maribor, Slovenia. The previous edition, held in 2014 in Reykjavik (ISL), hosted 14 federations represented by 42 teams and according to preliminary surveys collected, Maribor could record an increase in participation.

The 2016 will be a busy but successful year for Slovenian Gymnastics Federation!

Text: Slovenian Gymnastics Federation