Federation Friday: Slovakia

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Federation Friday: Slovakia

July 15, 2016

This week the Slovakian Gymnastics Federation talks about their Olympic qualifier Barbora Mokosova and her road to Rio!

Barbora Mokošová and her road to Rio

Barbora Mokosova is nowadays the most successful Slovak gymnast. She has qualified to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Her way there was not easy.

Now, she is 19, she was born in Bratislava, where she started with gymnastics in the club Inter Bratislava. Her first coach was Ingrid Holkovicova-Potiskova, one of the most successful gymnasts from our country, a participant at 1976 Olympics in Munich where she placed 5th place in Team Competition and 15th in the all-round final. Later Barbora changed the club for Slavia UK Bratislava, where she is still training today. Her head coach is Martin Zvalo and coach Nadezda Miklosova.

Her life goal was achieved when she qualified to the Olympics at the test event in April in Rio. “I'm incredibly happy. All these years of hard work are finally paying off. It is a great satisfaction for me. I made maximum in the preparations and I have reached the 1st goal – I have qualified for the Olympic Games. I was surprised that I did not feel any special stress before the competition, because I told myself that I'm going to enjoy it", said Barbora, but then revealed that in the end, she was not that calm. “To be honest, the competition was very difficult for me because I was tired from all the training and I caught a cold from the air conditioning on the plane and I was ill during the competition. I was also nervous from all the noise in the competition hall and noisy applauding and cheering of the Brazilian gymnasts by the spectators. In such an atmosphere, I was not able to concentrate enough and I fell off the beam”, adds Barbora. Thanks to her, the presence of Slovak gymnastics at the Olympic Games lasts solid since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.




The last 2 years were quite difficult for Barbora. She finished high school, passed entry exams to the university, changed her regimen, lost some weight...she conformed everything to fulfil her DREAM.

Now she is a freshman at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Comenius University in Bratislava.

"If I would not have the visions of the Olympics and I would not have devoted so much time and effort to prepare for it, I would be a normal student with an average lifestyle. Fortunately, at the faculty, I have an individual study plan, which means that I can miss half of the lectures, but I would need to study individually and pass all the exams anyway”,says Barbora.

After the Olympic qualification, her coach Martin Zvalo said: “She was very well prepared, better than anytime before. She has lost weight. Participation at the Olympics was a big motivator in her effort. She grew up, she matured, she lost more than 4 kilograms and now she feels that she is doing different gymnastics. She is flying over the apparatus and everything is easier for her now. She did a very a good job during the qualification in Rio. Even thought she fell off the beam, which was a psychological problem. She does not have that much experience to cope with the pressure put on the gymnasts during test event here. She improved much from the last World Championships in Glasgow, now her results are 2 points higher in all round and that was enough to qualify for the Olympic Games.”

The Olympic goal is to make the best score of all the past results. She is preparing a new 2nd jump on vault and the aim is to make the best possible result on this apparatus.

When asked what she wants to do after the Olympics, Barbora replied: “I plan to relax, go on a trip or vacation and spend time at home in Bratislava with friends and family.”

And we all keep our fingers crossed for Barbora, to fulfil her dream and score the highest of the scores ever at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Text and photos: Slovakian Gymnastics Federation