Federation Friday: Norway

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Federation Friday: Norway

July 22, 2016

Norway is the proud host of the Gym for Life Challenge in July 2017!

At EUROGYM 2016 the Norwegian delegation is the third largest, behind Portugal and Belgium. This reflects their passion for Gymnastics for All. At the Exhibition Center you can get to know their next big event: Gym for Life Challenge 2017!

The Oslofjord Convention Center, approx. an hour away from the Norwegian capital Oslo, hopes to welcome 2000 to 3000 gymnasts from all over the world. Ambitious? Maybe yes, considering the previous events counted about 1500 participants. But Norway is hopeful that they can achieve this number by offering the participants the use of the largest and most modern convention center in Northern Europe, its on-site comfortable accommodation in bungalows, with a beautiful garden and spectacular views overlooking the fjord.

Interested? Contact the organisers via their website www.gymforlife2017.com or their Facebook page ‘World Gym for Life Challenge 2017’

To conclude 7 facts about Norway:

1° Norway has the longest coastline in Europe

2° In Norway you can drive the world’s longest road tunnel

3° We have the best brown cheese? Taste it yourself!

4° The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo each year.

5° With 24 hours of daylight in summer, there is plenty of time to do your favorite sport: Gymnastics!

6° Norway is known for its beautiful fjords and mountains.

7° Vestfold County was a center of power during the Scandinavian Viking Age!