Federation Friday: Monaco


Federation Friday: Monaco

April 22, 2016

This week we travel to the beautiful Principality of Monaco where the Gymnastics Federation welcomes us warmly


Independent and sovereign state, the Principality of Monaco is situated at the foot of the Southern Alps; on the Mediterranean coast, it shares its borders with many French municipalities from the Maritime Alps.

The history of Monaco starts with the XIII century. 10 June 1215 marks thebirth of the future Principality; the Genoese family poses the first stone of the future Palace. Prince Albert II becomes in 2005 the Sovereign Prince of Monaco after the death of his father Prince Rainier III.

The population of the Principality is about 37.000 inhabitants with 8.000 Monegasques,11.000 Frenchand 6.000 Italians.More than 125 nationalities are represented.

Monaco has an area of 202 hectares, a length of 3829 meters and includes 5 quarters:

  • Monaco,the Historical city which occupies the Rock with its Palace.
  • The Condamine district around the Hercules Port and departure point of the Formula 1
  • Monte Carlo, the district around the Casino, founded in 1866
  • The Moneghetti with its Tropical Garden
  • And Fontvieille on artificially reclaimed land (22ha); it counts a sports complex, urban and touristic adjoining a marina and a non-polluting industrial zone.





The Palace





The Casino





Formula 1 Grand Prix





The Monte Carlo Country Club



The Monegasque Gymnastics Federation

Was created on June 7th, 1989 by Mrs Bianchiand Sir Forchino who were the Presidents of the two gymnastics clubs at that time: Femina Sports of Monaco and the Star of Monaco with the support of the Monegasque Olympic Committee to allow Anne Faure, Monegasque RG gymnast to take part in international competitions.

The goal of the Monegasque Federation is to rule, organise and develop the practice of gymnastics by all possible actions, especially by propaganda, sports training and the organisation of competitions.

It has 3 clubs

  • Star of Monaco
  • Femina-Sports of Monaco
  • Monaco Rhythmic Gymnastics

Since its creation, the Monegasque Federation was represented on the international scene in all the disciplines practiced in the Principality of Monaco. For this small country and for our humble sport it is an achievement to have Monegasque gymnasts competing on the international stage.

Website: monacoetoile.com

Founded in 1890 by Sirs EugèneMarquetand CharlesVatrican

Includes men’s artistic gymnastics, mixed trampoline and the physical preparation of gymnastics and acrobatic.This club counts 240 members, but only 37 Monegasques and only one competitor older than 18 years. Half of the Monegasque are less than 13 years.

Website: www.feminasports.com

Before becoming an independent section, the “Star” of Monaco opened a female section in 1899. In 1924 during an Extraordinary General Assembly the female section of Monaco Sports withdrew and became the present Femina Sport of Monaco. This club includes Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – Acrobatic Gymnastics – Baby Gym – Upkeep Gymnastics. 547 members are part of it, with 114 Monegasques; half of them are less than 13 years old. No gymnast is more than 18 years old.

Video: http://youtu.be/dmLVi2E6wYQ

Website: www.monacogr.com

Before becoming an independent club, Rhythmic Gymnastics was part of a section of the Femina Sport of Monaco in 1975. After the split it became a fully-fledged club named Monaco Rhythmic Gymnastics. It counts 120 members with only 5 Monegasque gymnasts.

The first Monegasque participants





Anne Faure, first gymnast to take part in an international competition; this was in 1989 at a European Junior Championship





Then, Kévin Crovetto in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics who has participated in his first international competition in 2009 at the EYOF in Tempere, Finland.





Next a Trio in Acrobatic Gymnastics that participated in its first international competition in 2009 in Portugal.






Dylan Sosso - Trampolinist




Finally, Milla Fabre in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in Glasgow in 2015.

The gymnastics halls

We have 3 gymnastics halls that are available to the 3 gymnastics clubs.

Two of them are in the district of Monte Carlo in the basement of the new train station, and are reserved to Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, to Acrobatic Gymnastics and to Trampoline.

A hall is situated in the sports complex of the Fontvieille district; this one is reserved to Rhythmic Gymnastics.

  1st hall - Hall for leisure and school activities


2nd hall - Hall for performances


The trainings - Star of Monaco


The “performance” group competes in the 1st National Division, and trains every afternoon from 14h to 19h30, depending on their availabilities.

The pre-competition group trains 3 times a week (6h).

The beginners train twice a week (3h)

For Trampolinthe schedule is 1h per week depending on their age.

Femina Sports of Monaco

The DN Performance group trains every day according to their availability.

The group “Detection of Hopes” trains 3 times a week (8h)

he Festigym group, twice a week (3h)

The school gym is held once a week (1h20); there are two groups


The Performance group trains every day from 16h to 19h30 according to their availability.

The Pre-Performance group exercises 4 times a week (13h)

The Discovery group trains twice a week (4h)


Baby-Gym groups, for the ages 2 to 5 years, once a week(1h)


Monaco Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Interregional Competition group trains 3 times per week (3h30)

The detection and leisure group, 2 times per week (2h)

The age groups (12/13 and 14 years) train twice per week (3h)

The age groups (10/11 years; 6/8 years and 4/5 years) are in the hall once a week (1h).

The International Competitions

The Games of the Small States




The Star of Monaco team. Gold medal

2013 edition in Luxembourg

Julien Gobaux, Benjamin Niel, Loris Racca, Frederic Unternaehr, Kevin Crovetto






2015 edition in Iceland

Eloddie Montroches bronze medal on floor and bars. 

Milla Fabre silver medal on beam

World Championships








Kévin Crovetto





Milla Fabre




Putian 2016

Monegasque trio 

Pénélope Fresko, Emma Levaillant, Eva Arnulf




Glasgow 2015

Left to right

Marc Lopez (women’s coach), Nicolas Polano, Kevin Crovetto, Milla Fabre, Solange Ragazzoni (President), Thierry Aymes (men’s coach)




Left to right

Monegasque trio (in pink): Emma, Pénélope and Eva

French trio (in blue): Julia and Chiarra Galatti, Eleonore Re

The spectacles

Femina Sports of  Monaco also participates in representations and shows

For example its selection for the 4th New Generation in Monaco in 2015 (Circus festival for juniors) and one junior wins bronze.

Text and photos: Gymnastics Federation of Monaco