Federation Friday: Malta


Federation Friday: Malta

November 11, 2016

This week the Malta Gymnastics Federation talks about its development and activities

The Malta Gymnastics Federation (MGF) was founded in 1996 and has since made great strides in promoting the sport on the little island of Malta. Its athletes have recently participated in the World Championships and have also attained a prestigious 2nd place in the Games of Small States which was held in Iceland.

The development of the sport and improvements in the results of its athletes are the result of a number of factors including, the sports infrastructure meticulously constructed by the Federation supported by investments made by the Government in facilities across the island.

The investment in facilities had to be accompanied with an investment in human resources and in particular the recruitment of qualified coaches that drive and motivate the athletes.

With further improvements in the facilities, the MGF aspires to organise International competitions important to expose the athletes to experience, and events that generate interest in the sport, both in Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Every year the MGF organises the Annual National Championships in both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics for Junior and Senior categories. These Championships are an opportunity for the top athletes to candidate themselves for a spot with the National Team and represent Malta in International Competitions.

Going forward the priority for the MGF is to encourage officials to undergo the necessary training to become much needed qualified judges. These together with qualified coaches are crucial for the sustainable improvement of the athletes’ technique.

It is also important that the MGF looks beyond the shores of the Maltese Islands. Partnering up with other states is an important part of our plans. Malta is a Member of the COMEGYM Executive, organising games among Mediterranean States. During 2017 Malta aspires to participate in these games which will be organised in Spain.