Federation Friday: Liechtenstein


Federation Friday: Liechtenstein

January 22, 2016

This week we put the Federation of Liechtenstein in the spotlight!

The Liechtenstein Gymnastics Federation – when created in 1936 it was referred to as Liechtenstein Gymnastics and Athletics Federation LTLV – is closely linked to the Liechtensteiner sport pioneer Xaver Frick.

During the adverse circumstances of worldwide politics in 1936, Liechtenstein took the decision to participate for the first time in the Olympic Games in Berlin and thus to illustrate the sovereignty of this small country to the entire world.

The foundation took place in this context and one of the participants in the Olympic Games (athletics) was Xaver Frick himself; as President he remained during the next 35 years very close to the Federation.

Afterwards, the Federation joined international Federations  -

from the present point of view in the field of gymnastics


o   FIG          1971

o   UEG        1983


The international affiliations are expressed by a frequent participation in the World Gymnaestrada, Congresses and by the fact to maintain relationships.

Michaela Bill is active as international WAG/FIG judge.

A close relationship exists with the „sister association“, the Swiss Gymnastics Federation, which is underlined by many double affiliations from associations.

In 2011, the LTLV decided to concentrate only on a national representation of gymnastics.

With the modification of its denomination in 2013, the Liechtenstein Gymnastics and Athletics Federation LTLV became the Liechtenstein Gymnastics Federation TVL.

The 9 associated clubs – with 1'150 members representing all age groups – follow in a modern way the tradition of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in the Promotion of elite and mass sport


o   in polysport sections for children and teenagers

o   in artistic and apparatus gymnastics

o   in athletics

o   in fitness gymnastics and gymnastics for adults and seniors

o   with the organisation of national sport events and

o   by cultivating friendships and conviviality in gymnastics


Being close to the people, the associations make an important contribution to the promotion and maintenance of the health of the Liechtenstein people. 

Text: Liechtenstein Gymnastics Federation