Federation Friday: Kosovo

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Federation Friday: Kosovo

March 25, 2016

Our focus this weekend is on 1 of our 2 new members, the newly independent state of Kosovo!

At the 26th UEG Congress last November in Bratislava (SVK), the request of the Gymnastics Federation of Kosovo to join the European Union of Gymnastics was accepted by the majority of the voting members.

The landlocked country in south Eastern Europe declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and is now recognised by most countries and international institutions. Serbia does not recognise Kosovo as a state but accepted, in 2013, the legitimacy of the Kosovo institutions.

The country’s capital is Pristina and the population is mainly ethnic Albanian, with some Serbian towns and Bosnian, Turkish and Roma minorities.

On the gymnastics front, Kosovo has 2 licensed gymnasts: one male and one female artistic gymnasts. Last year they took their first steps onto the international scene when both of them, Ardit Berisha and Liza Murataj, competed at the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi (GEO). They competed on floor and vault. Having only started gymnastics recently, it was not a surprise that they lacked difficulty. We hope to see them develop and compete on the international stage again soon!

Liza Murataj Ardit Berisha