Federation Friday: Italy

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Federation Friday: Italy

June 17, 2016

This week the Italian Gymnastics Federation sheds a light on their communication successes

What is happening at a technological level is really incredible. Let’s think that in Beijing in 2008 our main platform was our website www.federginnastica.it, where articles and photos were published, while in Rio de Janeiro the Italian Gymnastics Federation will rely on its social channels – Twitter (9.000 followers), Instagram (20.000 followers) and above all Facebook that counts a little less than 77.000 “Likes”. Last but not least to mention our channel on YouTube, that in only three years since its opening day (20th April 2012) has obtained more than 1.500.000 displays, surpassing 15.000 subscribers. The Italian Gymnastics Federation, the dean of the Italian National Federations but also the one with the youngest licensed gymnasts (82% is less than 18 years old), has been able to interpret in advance this trend choosing, during the meeting of its Board of Directors on 23rd November 2013, according to a proposal of its President prof. Riccardo Agabio, to produce twenty events of its own calendar, broadcasting 8 on live streaming and 12 on slight deferred on the channel that many people today call “FGI Channel, the channel of the gymnasts” (www.youtube.com/FGIfederginnastica). 

We experienced new formats, we realized a television news – called Tgym – and, on the occasion of the main appointments all over the world, we realized unpublished interviews with the athletes (also outside the competition context) and specials that often became viral. The total was 300 videos loaded in 900 days, one every three days.  

The experience of “Ginnaste – vite parallele”, the MTV show awarded in 2013 with MTV TRL AWARDS, gave us courage. The success of the docu-fiction that in the last five years has always accompanied the sport path of our female and male Artistic Gymnastics representatives, has demonstrated that do not exist “major” or “minor” sports, but only “best” or “worst” ways to tell them, as prof. Agabio wrote in a letter to Giovanni Malagò, President of the Olympic National Italian Committee. He underlined that in the past it was necessary to win in order to have cameras, while with MTV we have learned to win despite the cameras.


The technological evolution made the rest. With the availability of a federal channel, unapproachable markets has opened to us. In 2016 we bought in exclusive the web rights of all Artistic and Rhythmic FIG World Cups, offering them live and free to our many and many enthusiast supporters (12.000 spectators at PalaEur in Rome were the tangible prove). We made the same with the Test Event in Rio de Janeiro, that supporters and insiders could follow, with extended synthesis, on the TV of Gymnastics. Moreover, in some week-ends – for example when the Trophy “Città di Jesolo” took place – we sold the rights abroad assuring anyway the vision inside our borders, obtaining in this way the resources to plow back in the ambitious and farseeing project of federal communication started from our current presidency. Our web-viewer found themselves in the unusual condition to zap among the evolutions of Douglas & Co. at PalaArrex, the rhythmic “Butterflies” in the World Cup in Lisbon and Meneghini engaged in the World Cup in Stuttgart. With the help of the International Federation and the UEG, and with the co-operation among our Federations, we could invent a new way to do communication. 

Text: Italian Gymnastics Federation