Federation Friday: Israel


Federation Friday: Israel

September 9, 2016

This week the Israeli Gymnastics Federation looks back on an already hugely successful year!

The Hebrew New Year is coming and for the Israeli Gymnastics Federation it was an unforgettable year!

Israel hosted for the first time ever a European Championships. This happened in June when the 32nd Rhythmic Gymnastics Europeans were held in Holon, near Tel Aviv.

Agreat number of national teams from all over Europe arrived in Israel and enjoyed the fruits of long long months of preparations. It was a magnificent championship, both from the logistic point of view and sports-wise. And also for the Israeli fans it was great experience: live broadcast on TV, medals won by both the junior gymnasts and also for the senior national group. These Championships gave Israeli rhythmic gymnastics a great boost!

The acrobatics national team made history also when the guys made a great achievement in the World Championship in China. The 4 acrobats of the men’s group saw that hard work pays off when they were second only after host China, finished as the World runner-up - second in the world! Great achievement!

And then came the Olympics Games. The Israeli Gymnastics Federation had 7 gymnasts: Alex Shatilov, Neta Rivkin, and the national rhythmic group. The country was proud of the national team and the group which made it to the final and finished 6 in Rio- another great performance. Alex Shatilov the best gymnast in the history of Israel, made a wonderful performance at the European championships and won the bronze medal on floor. It was another great competition for Shatilov that has already got his name in the history books of Israeli gymnastics.

So what do we expect looking forward?

More kids coming to gymnastics, more infrastructure, and of course- more achievements.

We are sure that the UEG saw the abilities of the Israeli Gymnastics Federation and we will have the privilege of hosting more European championships!


Text and photos: Israel Gymnastics Federation