Federation Friday: Hungary

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Federation Friday: Hungary

August 12, 2016

Hungarian gymnastics in new dimension

The Hungarian gymnastics developed seriously in the last years, since the Hungarian government started a sports development concept in 2013. Hungarian gymnastics has since received governmental support as well. We’ve asked the details to Dr. Zoltán Magyar, two-times Olympic Champion and president of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation. 

– In Hungary, gymnastics is among the sports that receive special governmental support. For many years we’ve said, that every child needs gymnastics. In the previous period the federation, the clubs, the coaches and the managers have done a lot for the development of the sport. We were able to build new gymnastic halls, buy new apparatuses, hire new coaches and professionals and founded new regional centers; and so there is a triple increase in the number of gymnasts in Hungary.

The president of the federation, who is entitled to Nation’s Athlete, added that gymnastics is the foundation of every sport, it develops such physical condition, character and coordination that it helps the gymnast during the whole lifetime. Many children take part at gymnastic lessons, where they learn discipline, evolve movement patterns and right body position, and learn acrobatic and dance elements. Their abilities and skills develop and these are very useful later in other sports as well.


The vice-president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation do everything possible to make gymnastics as popular and successful as it used to be.

– Our first aim was to develop a wider base, because the higher the number of the gymnasts is, the bigger the chance is to find the most talented ones. I am very proud that we have more gymnasts among the younger age groups. There were more than 60 teams at the competition of the youngest girls, called “Zsebibaba Bajnokság” (“Baby Kangaroo Cup”), where earlier the number of the teams was only 20; and the same trend can be seen by the boys’ competition as well. We could involve lost regions, gymnastics revived in Eger, Adács, Miskolc, etc. Thanks to the governmental support we could increase the number of the coaches, and set up new regional centers, as earlier the capital city was the center of the sport. We could renovate some gymnastic hall and inaugurate new halls as well. The Central Gymnastic Hall in Budapest –center of the men’s artistic gymnastics – and the gymnastic hall of the Olympic Centre in Tata – center of the women’s artistic gymnastics – were renovated.

The Hungarian Gymnastics Federation keeps organizing training and courses for the coaches in Hungary and abroad. It is also part of the conception that we can invite international professionals and organize conferences, congresses in Hungary, and host international competitions.

– We take it as a sport diplomatic success that we could host last year the meeting of the UEG MAG and WAG Technical Committee, where the presidents, Yvette Brasier (WAG TC) and Jacob Wischnia (MAG TC) participated also. They were both pleased that the meeting was held in a country, which has great history in gymnastics, where well known gymnasts live, and where many new elements were created. We organize more international age group competitions, in October we will organize a Challenge Cup in Szombathely, and in 2017 we will host the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championship. The federation emphasizes the appearance in the media. We have a periodical show on the public service media, called “Lendület” (Swing), and one on the biggest Hungarian commercial sport channel, the “Szökkenő Vándor” (Circles with hop travel), which I do host. Furthermore we try to broadcast every competition as well.

The president of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation expects progress in international level in 6-8 years, although we can see the tendency already. After the Olympic gold medal of Krisztián Berki, Vid Hidvégi shows great performance on the pommel horse. The team final participation of the Hungarian women’s team at the European Championship in 2016 was also a real success.

– This is a great achievement, the Hungarian gymnastics made a step forward. We are among the first eight teams in Europe, and everybody accepts it. The members of the team, the older and the younger ones as well became idols for the young gymnasts. I am in gymnastics for many, many years, but such cooperation and team work was at first time to be seen. It is great that the Hungarian women’s gymnastics woke up from its hundred-year-sleep. Beside the team result, in the individual competition Zsófia Kovács represented herself very successfully. The judges valued her routines very high. We entered into new dimension, we have to follow this path and give this attitude further to the younger gymnasts.


Here are some videos:

Sport TV-Best of Szökkenő vándor 2014-2015 (Circles with hop travel)

M4 Tv-Lendület (Swing), “Zsebibaba Bajnokság 2016” (“Baby Kangaroo Cup 2016”)


Text and photos: Hungarian Gymnastics Federation