Federation Friday: Georgia

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Federation Friday: Georgia

November 18, 2016

This week the United Georgian Gymnastics Federation talks about their recent elections and introduces their new staff and their strategic plan for the development of gymnastics in their country

On November 5th 2016, in Digomi District (Tbilisi, Georgia) at the New Gymnastics Venue was held a  meeting-report of the works done by the Federation in 2012-2014 cycle, and also were held elections of the authorities.

Were elected unanimously:

President—Mr. Konstantin Lashkhi

Secretary General—Mrs. Rusudan Khoperia (3 time World  and 4 time European Champion in Trampoline gymnastics, multiple time winner of World Cups, International category judge, Honorary coach of Georgia, Knight of Honor, Sports personality of the Century)

The First Vice-President—Mrs. Rusudan Sikharulidze (World  champion in Artistic Gymnastics, International category Master of Sports, International category judge, Honorary coach of Georgia, Knight of Honor, Sports personality of the Century)

Vice-President of  Rhythmic Gymnastics—Mrs. Neli Saladze (Honorary coach of USSR,  coach of World  and European champions, Honorary coach of Georgia, Knight of Honor, Sports personality of the Century)

Vice-President of Acrobatic Gymnastics—Mrs. Inga Giorgobiani (2 time World and European champion in Acrobatic gymnastics, winner of multiple international tournaments, Honorary Master of Sports of USSR)

Vice-President of Artistic Gymnastics—Mr. Besarion Gamsakhurdia (International category judge, Master of Sports)

Vice-President of Trampoline Gymnastics—Mr. Giorgi Putkaradze (Finalist of many World Cups, Master of Sports).

The new team presented a new strategic plan for the development of gymnastics in Georgia, which also, has been sent to the Ministry of Sports and Affairs of Georgia. In the strategic plan, the priorities are given to ways which will make more opportunities to obtain Olympic licensees for the next Olympic Games, also, to get more medals at the next World and European Championships and World Cups.

Also, one of the priorities  were always, and will be to change the situation in the regions, and do everything what is possible to help needed regions and cities  in developing gymnastics in the right direction. And of course to involve the State authorities in this to build new -or renew the old- sports venues and bases.

Also, it is essential to carry on to hold International tournaments.  For instants, this year, for already the 4thtime in Batumi we held the R. Sikharulidze International tournament in Artistic gymnastics. Every year this tournament attracts more and more countries. This year in the tournament were participating gymnasts from 14 countries, and next year we are expecting more entries. Also in 2016, in October for the first time in Tbilisi (at the New Gymnastics Venue) was held ‘’VTB CUP’’, an International tournament in Artistic Gymnastics. And, annually in Tbilisi is taking place Neli Saladze International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Next year we are planning International tournaments in Trampoline and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

All these tournaments are possible to be held in Georgia, due to the new infrastructure and new apparatus. As you may know, in 2015 Tbilisi successfully hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival. One of the disciplines in which the athletes were competing was Artistic Gymnastics. And fortunately for us, the State had made the decision to build a New Gymnastics venue and to buy needed gymnastics apparatus. All this gives us more opportunities to develop gymnastics and to hold more International tournaments and even a World cup.  Also, next year, in Tbilisi will be held Trampoline International Judges’ course.

At  the end  we would like to say that, one of the most important things is that the United Georgian Gymnastics Federation always has very good  relations and partnership with the other Federations, and  of course with the FIG and UEG. We would like to thank the Federations, FIG and UEG, and we do hope this relations will continue in the future, which will help develop gymnastics in Georgia and in the whole World.






Ioane Jimsheleishvili

Luba Golovina

Salome Pazhava 

Best wishes,

United Georgian Gymnastics Federation

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Text and photos: United Georgian Gymnastics Federation