Federation Friday: Croatia

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Federation Friday: Croatia

February 26, 2016

This week’s attention goes to beautiful Croatia! As the organisers of UEG’s 2017 Congress, they have decided to shed their light onto the host city … Split

For the next electoral congress, UEG has chosen Split, the ancient Mediterranean city, which for more than 1700 years stands on the coast of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Split is the largest city in the region Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia. According to the latest census, conducted in 2011, Split has almost 180 thousand inhabitants.

Split has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry and very hot summers and cool, but moderate and humid winters. Average temperature of the warmest month of the year is 22°C, and the coldest 4°C. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, winters are mild in Split, lasting shortly, although the actual experience of winter can really be felt only in February. For this reason all the comforts of Split can be savoured for most of the winter, from sightseeing the Diocletian Palace to the tasting of all the delicacies in numerous restaurants, and at the Christmas fair on the Riva during the entire December Christmas holidays. It is not even so unusual to spend sunny winter mornings sitting on the café terraces.

Split has a sport tradition that few cities of its size in the world can boast about with its dozens of Olympic and other medal winners:  94 Olympic medals in the history of the Olympic Games!

Without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is "the most beautiful one in the world and beyond". You better not discuss this with them for well spirited Split will convince you as soon as you discover it!

The electoral UEG Congress will be held in the Le Meridien LAV Hotel, in Podstrana, a few minutes driving from Split, 20 minutes from the airport, situated right on the coast with a perfect view on the sea and islands around.

It's a five star hotel with all facilities included that can provide fantastic accommodation to a guest: from the official equipment and requests for the congress to nice and comfortable rooms, restaurants, sport facilities, spa and a lot of sun and seaside walks.

So, see you in Split in 2017!   

Text and photos: Croatian Gymnastics Federation