Federation Friday: Belgium


Federation Friday: Belgium

June 3, 2016

This week the Belgian Gymnastics Federation tells us all about their Road to Rio!




In January KBT, the Belgian Gymnastics Federation, launched the #GoBELGYM campaign to massively support the national gymnastics teams in their ‘road to Rio’. The Belgian boys and girls team was renamed ‘Team BELGYM’. The team even got their own website where all team members are introduced and you can follow their road to the Olympic Games (www.gobelgym.be). Anyone who was willing to support Team BELGYM could do that by participating in “The longest head roll”. Because Rio de Janeiro, where the Test Event took place, is quite far to travel to, people could support Team BELGYM by rolling all the way to Rio. All they had to do was film themselves while doing a head roll and uploading this video ona special website. The Belgian audience did not disappoint, they rolled all the way to Rio, 9400 km!

To secure an Olympic ticket, Team BELGYM had to finish at the top 4 at the Test Event. So all the Belgian support was very welcome. On the 16th of April it was up to the boys to compete. They performed very well and finished 7th. Unfortunately 7th place wasn’t enough for an Olympic ticket, but with a total score of 342.534 points they got a Belgian record!

On the 17th of April it was D-day for the girls of Team BELGYM. They had to compete against Brazil, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, South Korea and Switzerland. The competition started almost an hour late due to a technical problem but the Belgian team didn’t back down. Belgium hadn’t been to the Olympics with a team since 1948 so that night history could be written in the Rio Olympic Arena… And so it happened! Team BELGYM took the BRONZE medal!

Now that Belgium can go to the Olympics with a team again in a very long time, it can’t go by unnoticed. Therefore The Belgian Gymnastics Federation launched a big ‘thank you/congratulations’ campaign as part of #GoBELGYM after the Test Event. Each member of Team BELGYM expressed their gratitude by posting a picture of them greeting. The fans could congratulate Team BELGYM with their Olympic selection by also posting a picture of themselves in a greeting posture on social media.



The next following months will be decided which five gymnasts are allowed to go to the Olympic Games in Rio. Also one boy gets to represent Belgium at the Games, so the following months will be a heavy battle for that one spot. The candidates for the girl’s team are Jelle Buellens, Julie Croket, Senna Deriks, Nina Derwael, Rune Hermans, Axelle Klinckaert, Julie Meyers, Gaelle Mys, Cindy Vandenhole and Laura Waem. It will be an intense fight because every gymnast has her own strengths and capabilities. But one thing is certain, a determined and pugnacious team will stand in August at the Games!