Federation Friday: Austria


Federation Friday: Austria

September 16, 2016

This week the Austrian Gymnastics Federation talks about its objective to excel in gymnastics

Austria is not (yet) firmly anchored at the top of European gymnastics – but does everything to achieve this goal!

Gymnastics is one of the most ancient sport disciplines in Austria. The first gymnastics clubs were founded as early as 1848 and they still exist. Many clubs have already celebrated their 150th anniversary. The Austrian Gymnastics Federation, official member of the FIG and the UEG, exists since 1947.

At present, the Austrian Federation is with some 100.000 members divided up in 450 clubs the 5th Federation of Olympic Sports in Austria (behind football, ski, tennis and golf), which counts 8.7 million inhabitants. The number of its members increases continually.

The Austrian Federation manages all eight disciplines, which are represented within the UEG, plus rope skipping.

The gymnasts of the national team train in the three training centres for artistic gymnastics (Innsbruck, Dornbirn, Linz), as well as in the training centre for rhythmic gymnastics in Vienna. At present, Austria has also 20 other training halls for gymnastics and performance centres with fixed apparatus and/or landing pits. In Austria, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, acrobatics, aerobics and TeamGym have been included in the competition programme by respectively 15 to 30 clubs.

Some 400 of the 450 clubs affiliated to the Austrian Federation participate each year in artistic gymnastics and apparatus gymnastics competitions. The programme „Turn10®“ (www.turn10.at), a programme for hobby and grassroots sports, is a successful worldwide innovation. Thanks to the quite new system of elements and evaluation „Turn10®“, apparatus gymnastics has experienced in these last years a remarkable development in clubs and schools in Austria.

For many years and decades, Austria could be found rather at the end of the result lists of the elite sport events in Europe. However, we now work with a lot of energy to realise a catch-up process on an international level.

At the World and European Championships, Austria has climbed in these last years higher and higher. If someone should not have yet realised it: in the last years, Austria won gold at the Aerobic World’s (Lubov Gazov), gold at the Junior European Championships in artistic gymnastics (Vinzenz Höck), many medals at World Cups and World Challenge Cups in artistic gymnastics as well as at the Grand Prix in rhythmic gymnastics. After a longer break, our athletes also qualified for the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games and the participation was successful.

Regarding junior trampoline gymnastics and TeamGym, we succeeded in qualifying for the finals at the European and World Championships and even won two World Cups. In men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics we are regularly represented with a complete team and in Europe we are getting close to the Top Ten. Last but not least, an Austrian club, the team “Zurcaroh” won the last “FIG Gym for Life World Challenge” and is the current World Champion in group gymnastics.

In Austria, we organise each year some 20 international gymnastics events, smaller and larger ones. The last great highlight was the 2013 European Championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Vienna.

Already now, we concentrate on the next enormous challenge: in 2019, the World Gymnaestrada will be organised for the 3rd time in Austria. After Vienna in 1965 and Dornbirn in 2007, the 2019 edition will once again be held in Dornbirn. All friends of gymnastics are already now warmly invited to participate in this extraordinary festival!






Text and photos: Austrian Gymnastics Federation