Ellie Downie writes her name in the history books


Ellie Downie writes her name in the history books

April 21, 2017

Competition report of the women’s all-around final at the 2017 Artistic Gymnastics Europeans in Cluj-Napoca (ROU)

Trailing Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs by 4 tenths going into the last rotation, Great Britain’s Ellie Downie smashed it on floor to take the 2017 European all-around final. Upgrading from the bronze medal she won in 2015, Downie becames the first British woman to win gold!

“I can hardly speak; I don’t even know how to start to describe how happy I am. It was the hardest competition I’ve ever done, after qualifying yesterday to pull it together and put in another four routines isn’t easy. My beam was a bit shaky and that got me worried, I didn’t watch anyone else’s floor routines I was just in my own world. Then once I got on the floor I just went for it, it wasn’t perfect so I was really nervous looking at the scores at the end. When my name came up in gold I just broke down crying. As soon as I walked out of the arena Becky ran and hugged me and she had my family back home on the phone, I couldn’t say a word I was crying so much”, an emotional Downie said after the medal ceremony.

After posting the highest score of the final on vault, a 14.600, Kovacs held the disadvantage in the final rotation on floor, with a much lower difficulty score but performed well on all events, on her way to the silver medal. France’s Melanie de Jesus dos Santos noted the highest mark on beam to achieve her goal of 55 points in the all-around. In addition to that, she returns home to France with the all-around bronze medal! She held off Russia’s Elena Eremina, the 2016 junior European Champion, Germany’s Kim Bui and Italy’s Martina Maggio.

One of the fan favourites for a medal, Eythora Thorsdottir of The Netherlands, will try to forget this competition as soon as possible. Several falls took her out of the medal battle.

In a sold-out venue, the Romanian girls felt the pressure of a home competition. Ioana Crisan did perform a nice floor routine for 13.100 and Cimpian impressed on vault.

And a fun fact: 8 different countries place in the top 8!

Top 8

1.      Ellie Downie (GBR) 55.765

2.      Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) 55.432

3.      Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (FRA) 55.065

4.      Elena Eremina (RUS) 54.266

5.      Kim Bui (GER) 53.499

6.      Martina Maggio (ITA) 53.199

7.      Nina Derwael (BEL) 52.832

8.      Filipa Martins (POR) 52.832


The event finals start tomorrow with the men on floor, pommel horse and rings, while the women compete on vault and uneven bars.