Dina Averina turns heads at the Moscow Grand Prix

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Dina Averina turns heads at the Moscow Grand Prix

February 20, 2017

The 18-year-old Russian stepped into the footsteps of (absent) compatriots Kudryavtseva and Mamun

Gymnasts of all ages coming from 30 countries gathered in Moscow for 3 days of Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions which included the Gazprom Cup ‘Alina Kabaeva’, the Alina Cup for kids and  the Grand Prix for junior and senior groups and individuals.

With 3-time World Champion Yana Kudryavtseva retired and Olympic Champion Margarita Mamun not on the roster, all eyes were on the seniors, seeing how they have adapted to the new Code of Points and how well they already master their new routines.

On the roster for the home team were Aleksandra Soldatova, twins Dina and Arina Averina and Yulia Bravikova. Other notable names included 2016 Olympians Neviana Vladinova (BUL) and Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR), Israel’s Linoy Ashram and new senior Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA).

The Russians were on fire, posting a massive 19.600 twice, first for the clubs routine of Dina Averina which was matched by Aleksandra Soldatova’s ball routine in finals. With young rhythmic gymnasts giving short performances while the scores were calculated, the audience got treated to a true show of gymnastics.



1. Dina Averina (RUS) 76.050

2. Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS) 73.450

3. Arina Averina (RUS) 69.500

4. Neviana Vladinova (BUL) 69.050

5. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR) 68.700

6. Linoy Ashram (ISR) 68.550

7. Yulia Bravikova (RUS) 67.800

8. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 66.700

From left to right: Aleksandra Soldatova, Dina Averina, Arina Averina (photo: VRGF.ru)



1. Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS) 19.600

2. Dina Averina (RUS) 19.050

3. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR) 17.900



1. Dina Averina (RUS) 19.450

2. Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS) 18.950

3. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR) 18.300



1. Dina Averina (RUS) 19.450

2. Yulia Bravikova (RUS) 18.550

3. Linoy Ashram (ISR) 17.700



1. Dina Averina (RUS)

2. Arina Averina (RUS)

3. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)




1. Russia 36.200

2. Bulgaria 32.150

3. Egypt 20.300




1. Lala Kramarenko (RUS) 66.250

2. Anastasia Sergeeva (RUS) 64.600

3. Anastasia Salos (BLR) 63.250

4. Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 61.650

5. Arina Shushchynskaya (BLR) 61.550

6. Valerie Romenski (FRA) 58.700

7. Alina Chamzina (CZE) 58.300

8. Denisa Mailat (ROU) 58.250


Group all-around

1. Russia 34.450

2. Israel 33.700

3. Bulgaria 31.450


Full results can be found on the website of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation: http://www.vfrg.ru/