Denmark and Sweden top junior qualifications in Odivelas


Denmark and Sweden top junior qualifications in Odivelas

October 17, 2018

Competition report of the junior qualifications at #TeamGym2018

Two years after the last European Championships, the juniors kicked of the 12th edition in Odivelas (POR) with spectacular performances on trampet, tumble and floor.


Junior men’s teams

The first category of the day, the Danish men posted the highest score on trampet, 18.800, to take the top spot, edging eternal rivals Sweden by just 0.275. Actually, Sweden outscored Denmark on floor and tumble but the gap on trampet was too wide to overcome. Norway performed consistenly for third place while Great Britain qualified in fourth place. After an absence, we are pleased to welcome back Estonia and we’ll see them again in the final on Friday!

  1. Denmark 55.100
  2. Sweden 54.825
  3. Norway 49.300
  4. Great Britain 46.400
  5. Estonia 37.300


Junior mixed teams

Ten teams competed for six places in the final, including Azerbaijan that is competing in TeamGym for the very first time. Another battle between Denmark and Sweden concluded in Denmark posting an impressive 19.600 on floor -the highest score of the competition so far- and taking the lead more than a point ahead of Sweden. Great Britain capped off an excellent qualification effort in third place, holding off Iceland and Norway. The Netherlands rounded out the top six, delighting their many fans with this entry ticket to the final.

  1. Denmark 53.400
  2. Sweden 52.300
  3. Great Britain 48.900
  4. Iceland 48.150
  5. Norway 47.150
  6. Netherlands 46.800
  7. Italy 44.600
  8. Portugal 42.750
  9. Germany 34.900
  10. Azerbaijan 32.550


Junior women’s teams

Sweden excelled in this category, taking the lead with an advantage of 2 points. It was Iceland though that scored 20.800 on floor, rising up to standard set by their senior compatriots. For once today, Denmark did not claim the top spot, finishing in third place instead with Finland on their heels. Great Britain and Norway earned their place in the final as well.

  1. Sweden 53.200
  2. Iceland 51.200
  3. Denmark 50.050
  4. Finland 49.250
  5. Great Britain 48.250
  6. Norway 47.750
  7. Czech Republic 42.900
  8. Austria 42.350
  9. Germany 41.900
  10. Slovenia 36.225


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TeamGym 2018 continues tomorrow with the senior qualifications!