China takes all-around gold and silver, Belyavskiy fourth again


China takes all-around gold and silver, Belyavskiy fourth again

October 6, 2017

Competition report of the men’s all-around final at #mtl2017gym

14 of the 24 participating gymnasts in this men’s all-around final represented European nations with Russia, Turkey, Lithuania and Switzerland all having 2 gymnasts competing. The top qualifier was Vice-World Champion Manrique Larduet from Cuba and the top European was Russia’s David Belyavskiy in third place.

Qualification didn’t go as well as Olympic silver medallist Oleg Verniaiev would have hoped, and his start in this final was far from great, going out of bounds on floor and taking several hops on his tumbling passes. Just before his dismount the Ukrainian European Champion comes off the pommel horse, ending his title chances. Belyavskiy showed off his beautiful form and impressive skills. He had a superb competition, leading by a bit more than half a point going into the final rotation. Things were looking great for the 2013 European Champion until he couldn’t catch the bar properly, dropping him into the unfortunate fourth position, just like at the Rio Olympics last year. Devastated Belyavskiy said: “I was prepared, I worked for it. The problem was in my head. I can’t say, I don’t know [why I fell]. There is no explanation. Usually I do high bar well, it’s not difficult for me. But it happened. I was too close to the bar. Now I’ll prepare for the rest, it will be tough but it needs to be done.” China’s Xiao Ruoteng and Lin Chaopan performed steadily throughout the evening and concluded with hit high bar routines to take the gold and silver medals. Japan’s twisting sensation Kenzo Shirai proved he masters all 6 events, taking the bronze.

A highlight for Europe was the performance of Nile Wilson, who had a tough year dealing with injury. A superb competition on all 6 events, the British gymnast excelled on high bar, the event on which he won bronze last year at the Olympics, to finish 6th. Delighted Wilson said: “I’m so grateful to be mixing with the best in the world, with a big smile on my face and enjoying it as well”

No medal for Europe this time unfortunately. The last time a European gymnast won the World all-around title dates back to Tianjin 1999 when Nikolai Kryukov brought back the gold to Russia.


Top 8

1.      Xiao Ruoteng (CHN) 86.933

2.      Lin Chaopan (CHN) 86.448

3.      Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 86.431

4.      David Belyavskiy (RUS) 86.315

5.      Manrique Larduet (CUB) 86.031

6.      Nile Wilson (GBR) 85.332

7.      Yul Moldauer (USA) 84.998

8.      Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 83.997


The women’s all-around final is tonight!