Belgium and Russia rule in Maia (POR)

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Belgium and Russia rule in Maia (POR)

March 6, 2018

The second Acro World Cup showed the excellent form of Belgium and Russia

With just over a month to go until the World Age Group competitions and the World Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics, the World Cup event in Maia (POR) could be seen as one last dress rehearsal. Top medal prospects participated and showed that we can expect performances at the highest level in Antwerp.

Belgium grabbed three gold medals, becoming the most successful nation in the medal table. Vice-European Champions Lore Vanden Berghe and Noémie Lammertyn smashed the field in the women’s pairs competition, scoring an impressive 9.350 for artistry which, combined with top difficulty and execution, resulted in their second World Cup victory this season. Compatriots Robin Casse and Kilian Goffaux followed their example as did men’s group of Jonas Anthoon, Hannes Garre, Bram Geusens and Noam Patel. Team Belgium seems focused on delivering an outstanding performance in front of all their fans.

Russia sent only 1 of their European Champions formations: the women’s group featuring Polina Plastinina, Ksenia Zagoskina and Daria Chebulanka. These junior World Champions held off a strong challenge by Belarussians Yulia Ivonchyk, Veranika Nabokina and Karina Sandovich for the gold medal. In the mixed pairs competition, Kirill Startsev and Viktoria Aksenova were the only ones to pass the mark of 30 points, beating their compatriots Ivan Nesterenko and Elena Murashko by almost a full point. What a depth Russia has in Acro, especially in mixed pairs!


Women’s pair

  1. Vanden Berghe & Lammertyn (BEL) 29.510
  2. Salakhova & Tukhvatullina (RUS) 28.290
  3. Lefkovits & Surzon (ISR) 27.550
  4. Candeias & Nunes (POR) 26.530


Men’s pair

  1. Casse & Gofaux (BEL) 29.420
  2. Shubin & Vikhrov (RUS) 28.910
  3. Kraft & Sebastian (GER) 28.230
  4. Yashchanka & Zayats (BLR) 28.170
  5. Akparov & Jafarov (AZE) 27.760
  6. Kazmaly & Voronetskii (RUS) 27.340


Mixed pair

  1. Startsev & Aksenova (RUS) 30.280
  2. Nesterenko & Murashko (RUS) 29.360
  3. Evstafeev & Kasyan (BLR) 28.480
  4. Roettger & Snoeck (BEL) 28.450
  5. Rahimov & Jabbarli (AZE) 28.400
  6. Al-Mashaykhi & Gurbanli (AZE) 27.530
  7. Tavares & Ferreira (POR) 26.970
  8. Coronado & Martinez (ESP) 26.780


Women’s group

  1. Plastinina, Zagoskina & Chebulanka (RUS) 29.010
  2. Ivonchyk, Nabokina & Sandovich (BLR) 28.780
  3. Aidukova, Ibatullina & Korniychuk (RUS) 28.520
  4. Gomez, Gonzalez & Verisimo (ESP) 27.060
  5. Hannemann, Heinowski & Kunz (GER) 26.110
  6. Gruber, Loidl & Trautenberger (AUT) 25.190
  7. Arndt, Liebert & Riffel (GER) 24.160
  8. Coutinho, Fontes & Pratas (POR) 23.220


Men’s group

  1. Anthoon, Garre, Geusens & Patel (BEL) 28.880
  2. Grohmann, Kuehne, Leppuhner & Maedler (GER) 27.780
  3. Pereira, Piquero, Silva & Silva (POR) 26.260


The next important dates on the Acro calendar are the World Championships, from 13 to 15 April, in Antwerp (BEL)!