Belarus claims double victory in Trampoline team finals

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Belarus claims double victory in Trampoline team finals

April 13, 2018

Competition report of the second day at the Trampoline Europeans in Baku (AZE)

A busy day today at the National Gymnastics Arena! During the day the seniors competed their qualification round on trampoline while the juniors showed their skills on tumbling and double mini-trampoline. In the evening 6 team finals were held: the junior men and women on DMT and tumbling and the seniors on trampoline.

For the seniors it were the first finals of these Europeans. With 4 gymnasts to perform per team and the best three scores counting towards the team total there was some room for error but not much! Belarus comfortably jumped to victory in the women’s final even after Maria Makharynskaya’s early exit. 2014 European Champion Hanna Hancharova showed her teammates how to control their nerves, beating France by more than 2 points. The French team had the extra pressure of competing with only three gymnasts. They performed consistently to clinch a well-deserved silver medal. Russia lost their reserve early on when Irina Kundius landed is the spotters’ arms. Yana Pavlova’s effort to save the day came too late although she did score the highest mark of the entire final. To their own surprise and absolute delight, the Portuguese women overtook Russia to claim the bronze medal.

In the men’s competition the teams from Russia and Belarus both excelled, delivering a thrilling final. Eternal rivals Hancharou and Ushakov were the only gymnasts to score above 60 points, 61.530 – 60.495 respectively. Their temmates followed in their footsteps, not missing a single routine. Last performer Aleh Rabtsau secured the gold for Belarus, 6 tenths ahead of Russia. Ukraine took the bronze medal.

It truly was a domination by a specific country tonight. Before the Belarussian double, Great Britain’s junior tumbling squads were on fire. Jaydon Paddock’s near stuck triple sealed the deal for the men, and the women soon rose to the challenge. Russia took a double silver while France women and the Ukrainian men won the bronze. In Double Mini-Trampoline Russia upgraded to double gold. They were joined on the podium by Portugal and Spain who exchanged spots: Spain’s men placed second and the Portuguese third. The roles were reversed in the women’s competition!

Maria Makharynskaya (BLR) upset defending European Champion Yana Pavlova, taking the lead by just 0.250. Russia’s Dmitriy Ushakov showed two great routines to overtake European and Olympic Champion Uladzislau Hancharou. Germany’s Kyrylo Sonn impressed with a third-place finish.

A nice variety of countries topping the junior leader boards in qualification! Russia produced two leaders, both in the women’s competition: Aleksandra Bonartseva tied teammate Galina Begim on DMT and got bumped to the top spot and Diana Bratkova held off Elina Stepanova. The British lads claimed the top three spots in tumbling with Jaydon Paddock holding a clear advantage. He scored a whopping 3.400 better than the best of the rest of the field! Robert Vilarasau held Spain’s honour high by topping the boys’ DMT competition, ahead of his Russian rivals. We’ll see them in action on Sunday in the individual finals!

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