Beauty, Art & Sport! The Rhythmic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 6

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Beauty, Art & Sport! The Rhythmic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 6

November 8, 2017

By Heide Bruneder, UEG RG-TC President







It’s with some sadness but also with satisfaction that I write my last newsletter as TC President. For many years I have dedicated my time and effort to this beautiful discipline. Working together with my wonderful colleagues in the Technical Committee has been a true pleasure and I’m sure they will continue to pour their heart and soul into it. During the Congress in Split (CRO) at the beginning of December, we will have our last TC meeting together but we have prepared well for the upcoming season: our annual training camp and, of course, the European Championships in Valladolid (ESP) from 1 to 3 June! Read all about it in our latest newsletter!


The Adriatic Arena in Rossini’s native city of Pesaro was on fire, thanks to the wonderful performances by the world’s best rhythmic gymnasts and the passion of the Italian crowd for their favourite discipline. While the Averina twins swept the individual titles, the Italian group the Farfalle (the Butterflies) prevented a clean sweep by the Russians by winning the gold medal with 5 hoops. To the delight of the audience of course and just like 2 years ago in Stuttgart where the Italian ladies won the 5 ribbons exercise!

Read more about this amazing event in our highlights article!





From 6 to 8 October, our Technical Committee met in sunny Alicante (ESP). To wake up with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Santa Barbara fortress is truly spectacular. We are grateful for the warm welcome from the Spanish Federation and our TC member Pancri Sirvent Mut. We do deeply regret that two of our colleagues Dominique Muller-Lauth and Marina Lobatch could not be with us. Our main goal was to prepare the coaches course in Marbella and the 2018 season which is progressing nicely. Dates have been set and preparations are well under way so we can ensure the best possible conditions for our gymnasts.


From 4 to 9 November 34 participants from 7 countries travelled to Marbella (ESP) for our coaches’ course, held in the same place as two years ago. The programme was based on the following interesting topics: physical preparation for groups, choice of gymnast and music for groups, creation of composition for groups, ballet, planning and psychology. This was guided by experts Ana Baranova (head coach of Spanish national group), Sara Bayon (Olympic champion from Atlanta 1996 group and second coach of the Spanish group), Tino Moran (Maestro of the Spanish state opera) and Tatyana Yancheva (Bulgarian national team psychologist).



On 15 February 2018, gymnasts born in 2003 will aim to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games which will take place in October 2018 in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. The qualification competition will be held in Moscow (RUS) during the Grand Prix competitions. Each Federation can send two gymnasts who have to compete with 4 apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

The final scores of this all-around competition determine the YOG participants: the best 18 gymnasts, with a maximum of 1 per country, get a ticket to Buenos Aires!



The date for our annual training camp has been confirmed: 1 to 6 July! Join us in gorgeous Obertraun (AUT) where we are surrounded by beautiful nature and use the best facilities specialised for rhythmic gymnastics and all its needs!

Interested? Contact your federation!



Last but definitely not least … the 2018 European Championships will be held in lovely Valladolid (ESP) from 1 to 3 June. On the roster this year are the junior individual apparatus final, the senior individual all-around final where the best 24 of Budapest 2017 have qualified for and the senior group all-around and apparatus finals. The junior individuals and senior groups will be paired together per country to determine the team champions!

Here are some useful dates for you: definitive registration is 1 March while the nominative entries need to be in by 4 May!


With my warmest regards,
Heide Bruneder
RG-TC President