Ayshan Bayramova, the face of SmartScoring

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Ayshan Bayramova, the face of SmartScoring

February 17, 2017

Since the beginning of the year, Azerbaijani scoring company SmartScoring is the global partner of the UEG. Let’s meet their ambassador, rhythmic gymnast Ayshan Bayramova!

Coached by Mariana Vasileva and Vafa Bakarova at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, 18-year-old Ayshan has competed at the 2015 European and World Championships and the inaugural European Games as an individual senior while she was part of the Azerbaijani group at the 2016 Olympic Test event and the European Championships.

Since 2016 she is the Ambassador of SmartScoring, UEG’s new global partner. Time to get to know this wonderful young lady!

UEG: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Bayramova: I am 18 years old. I started to go in for gymnastics when I was 6. I am fond of travelling. Viewing scenes of nature attracts me a lot. When I am in a foreign country, I like to go sightseeing, to visit museums, to get myself acquainted with different cultures. I also like to swim, to read interesting books and to watch TV. Of course, listening to music inspires me a lot and gives me strength to work hard during training.

UEG: You compete both in the individual and in the group competitions. What do you prefer and what is the biggest difference for you?

Bayramova: I must say that both performing as an individual gymnast and within a group are difficult. The most attractive one for me is individual exercise as only myself is responsible for the performance and everything depends on me.  But within a group, when you are a part of the team, mistakes made affect every member and you feel more responsible. On the other hand, in a group, you always feel your teammates’ support but in the individual exercise you are on your own.   

UEG: You have become the ambassador of SmartScoring. How did that happen? What does this mean to you?

Bayramova: It happened all of a sudden for me. We were on our way to the European Championships to Israel and I was informed that SmartScoring has selected me to be the Company’s ambassador, to be its “face”. I was very happy. SmartScoring is the first Azerbaijani national scoring company. Having successfully provided scoring services at national events and 3 World Cup series in Baku, they have become the UEG Global partner. I am really proud to represent this company as I will go down in history, not only with my results. I am aimed at as a gymnast but will also be a part of history of the first national scoring company.

UEG: What achievement has made you most proud in your career?

Bayramova: When I just started to perform as a senior gymnast, I was a reserve gymnast within the Azerbaijani National Team. I felt myself very happy to represent my country at international events as a senior gymnast. Of course, I am proud that I performed at the 1st European Games held in my native country and at the Rio Test Event.

UEG: What would you still like to achieve in Rhythmic Gymnastics? And in life in general?

Bayramova: I would like to represent Azerbaijan at the Olympic Games. I wish to become an Olympic Champion one day. As for my goals in life in general, I think, no matter what you are doing in your life, the most important thing is to find your place and to be a professional. I would like to be a coach and my gymnasts to be Olympic Champions.

UEG: What advice can you give young gymnasts?

Bayramova: The main thing in sports is to love what you are doing, to be responsible and determined. It is important to listen to your coach and go ahead despite of some failures which is natural in every field. To achieve a success you should also have a clear goal set for yourself.


Thank you Ayshan! All the best for your future!