Arina Averina wins European all-around crown as Championships conclude


Arina Averina wins European all-around crown as Championships conclude

June 3, 2018

Competition report of day 3 at #EChGuadalajara

Yet again, a fantastic atmosphere filled the Palacio Multiusos in Guadalajara with the Spanish audience showing their vocal support for all finalists. On the last day of these 34th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships the juniors and senior groups fought for the apparatus medals while the top 24 senior individuals from last year’s event battled for all-around glory.


Averinas collect gold and silver

European and World Champions Dina and Arina Averina were widely expected to stand on the podium with Dina showing great form this season and Arina beating Aleksandra Soldatova for an entry ticket to this event. It was Arina however who prevailed with 79.250 featuring 20+ scores with hoop and ball. Dina trailed by one and a half point after she dropped her hoop in the last rotation. The battle for bronze went between Israel’s Linoy Ashram and Belarussian Katsiaryna Halkina. Ashram, who has been on fire this season, made an uncharacteristic big mistake with ribbon, leaving the door open for Halkina whose four consistent performances had her coaches jump for joy. An excited Halkina said afterwards: “It was an amazing competition, amazing feeling. Sure, it was difficult but I did it. I am so happy!”


  1. Arina Averina (RUS) 79.250
  2. Dina Averina (RUS) 77.750
  3. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR) 77.625
  4. Linoy Ashram (ISR) 75.025
  5. Katrin Taseva (BUL) 73.575
  6. Salome Pazhava (GEO) 70.350
  7. Milena Baldassarri  (ITA) 70.250
  8. Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) 69.225


Italy and Bulgaria on top

Emotions ran high during the senior group finals where one great performance was followed by another. The crowd got caught in the moment creating a superb atmosphere of support for the gymnasts. While Russia won the all-around competition yesterday, their gymnasts made mistake in the apparatus finals today which cost them dearly. With 5 hoops Ukraine showed the highest difficulty, 14.1, closely followed by Italy and Russia. In execution, however, the Italian group was far superior than any of the other finalists, overtaking Ukraine for the European title. With 3 balls and 2 ropes Bulgaria were looking for redemption after their costly mistake in the all-around and team competition last night. Marking the top score both in difficulty and execution, the girls got their long-awaited European title. Italy took the silver with a difference of less than half a point. Azerbaijan claimed the bronze medal: “We are so happy and so proud of ourselves because we wanted to win a medal and we did!”


5 hoops

  1. Italy 22.350
  2. Ukraine 22.100
  3. Russia 21.600
  4. Bulgaria 21.250
  5. Belarus 20.400
  6. Spain 18.750
  7. Poland 17.600
  8. Estonia 16.425


3 balls and 2 ropes

  1. Bulgaria 22.825
  2. Italy 22.350
  3. Azerbaijan 20.350
  4. Belarus 19.800
  5. Ukraine 18.950
  6. Spain 18.800
  7. Russia 18.000
  8. Finland 16.550



Russia reigns mighty high in junior finals

With scores that could challenge for finals in the senior competition, the juniors from Russia blew away the field with their incredible performances. Polina Shmatko, already junior European Champion two years ago in Holon, posted the highest score, a 18.825 with hoop that featured a difficulty of 10 points! Teammate Lala Kramarenko scored just a few tenths less to take the gold with ball before winning the ribbon title as well. And Daria Trubnikova outscored Belarussian Anna Kamenshchikova for the clubs title, making it a sweep for Russia. Both Ukraine’s Khrystyna Pohranychna and Bulgaria’s Tatiana Volozhanina competed in all 4 finals and returned home with medals. Pohranychna won the silver medal with ball and ribbon and bronze with hoop. Volozhanina claimed silver with hoop. Arzu Jalilova gifted Azerbaijan the bronze with ball, Valeria Sotskova goes home to Israel with the bronze with clubs. Italy’s Talisa Torretti submitted an inquiry to up her D-score which was accepted and awarded her the bronze with ribbon.



  1. Polina Shmatko (RUS) 18.825
  2. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 17.750
  3. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 17.450
  4. Laura Anitei (ROU) 16.750
  5. Narmina Samadova (AZE) 16.600
  6. Talisa Torretti (ITA) 16.500
  7. Olatz Rodriguez (ESP) 15.550
  8. Celia Jospeh-Noel (FRA) 15.300



  1. Lala Kramarenko (RUS) 18.450
  2. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 17.450
  3. Arzu Jalilova (AZE) 17.100
  4. Paula Serrano (ESP) 16.850
  5. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 16.800
  6. Eva Swahili Gherardi (ITA) 16.750
  7. Anna Kamenshchikova (BLR) 16.300
  8. Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 13.875



  1. Daria Trubnikova (RUS) 17.350
  2. Anna Kamenshchikova (BLR) 16.725
  3. Valeria Sotskova (ISR) 16.450
  4. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 16.150
  5. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 16.150
  6. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 16.100
  7. Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 13.850
  8. Narmina Samadova (AZE) 12.650



  1. Lala Kramarenko (RUS) 17.000
  2. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 15.975
  3. Talisa Torretti (ITA) 15.225
  4. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 14.750
  5. Adi Asia Katz (ISR) 14.600
  6. Yelizaveta Luzan (AZE) 12.950
  7. Yana Striga (BLR) 12.800
  8. Celia Joseph-Noel (FRA) 12.550


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This concludes these 34th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics! Congratulations to all gymnasts for the great performance and to the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation for the hard work in organising a fantastic event!