Anastasia Iliankova takes two titles on last day of Europeans


Anastasia Iliankova takes two titles on last day of Europeans

June 5, 2016

Review of the junior event finals at the 31st Women’s Artistic Gymnastics European Championships

On the last afternoon of these great European Championships, the junior event finals were scheduled. The 8 best gymnasts per apparatus entered the PostFinance Arena in Bern which was still buzzing from the exciting senior event finals. Read here what happened on each event!


Top qualifier -and newly crowned European all-around champion- Elena Eremina fell on her second vault taking her out of contention early on. Both Martina Maggio and Denisa Golgota vaulted a full and double-twisting Yurchenko, with Maggio showing the better execution. Fellow Italian Martina Basile lost a bit in difficulty but her nice performance equalled her with Golgota, in a tie for the silver medal.

1. Martina Maggio (ITA) 14.499

2. Martina Basile (ITA) 14.233

2. Denisa Golgota (ROU) 14.233

4. Marie Skammelsen (DEN) 14.045

5. Morgane Osyssek-Reimer (FRA) 14.033

6. Elena Eremina (RUS) 13.883

7. Livia Schmid (SUI) 13.866

8. Olivia Cimpian (ROU) 13.566



The top three of qualification repeated their excellent performance this afternoon. Anastasia Iliankova was in a league of her own, as she has been on bars this entire week. Her 6.2 difficulty can compete with the senior finalists and her execution is up there with the best as well. Uliana Perebinosova matches in difficulty, her execution however needs some more work. Lorette Charpy held on to third position with a beautiful routine, continuing a successful week for the French team.

1. Anastasia Iliankova (RUS) 14.766

2. Uliana Perebinosova (RUS) 14.366

3. Lorette Charpy (FRA) 14.300

4. Alice Kinsella (GBR) 13.808

5. Lynn Genhart (SUI) 13.433

6. Yanna Mouffok (FRA) 13.400

7. Helene Schaefer (GER) 13.333

8. Leonie Meier (SUI) 12.433



Iliankova again lived up to her qualification status, producing a steady and difficult routine to take her second gold of the evening. This surely puts her sub-par all-around performance behind her. Great Britain won their first medal of this afternoon with Alice Kinsella who is a pleasure to watch. Elena Eremina took the bronze medal, pushing Lorette Charpy into the unfortunate fourth place. Romania’s Ioana Crisan suffered a scary fall at the beginning of her routine and opted not to continue, hence the low score.

1. Anastasia Iliankova (RUS) 14.400

2. Alice Kinsella (GBR) 14.166

3. Elena Eremina (RUS) 13.841

4. Lorette Charpy (FRA) 13.833

5. Maisie Methuen (GBR) 13.733

6. Helene Schaefer (GER) 12.966

7. Polina Borzykh (GEO) 12.766

8. Ioana Crisan (ROU) 1.133



Elena Eremina continued her off day by going out of bounds and then sitting down her last tumbling pass on floor, leaving the door wide open for the other gymnasts. Denisa Golgota took full advantage. The tiny Romanian got the crowd on her hand as the last competitor of these Championships with a delightful exercise, clinching Romania’s first and only gold medal. Great Britain’s Alice Kinsella claimed another silver, number 3 for her, and Uliana Perebinosova added a bronze medal to her collection, so she returns home with a medal of each colour. France’s Alisson Lapp and Italy’s Francesca Linari, a last minute replacement for Olivia Cimpian, showed their talent, and tied for fourth.

1. Denisa Golgota (ROU) 13.933

2. Alice Kinsella (GBR) 13.866

3. Uliana Perebinosova (RUS) 13.800

4. Alisson Lapp (FRA) 13.666

4. Francesca Linari (ITA) 13.666

6. Megan Parker (GBR) 13.500

7. Naomi Visser (NED) 13.200

8. Elena Eremina (RUS) 12.800


This concludes the 31st European Championships in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics! See you next year in Cluj-Napoca, Romania!