AERONEWS! The Aerobic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 1

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AERONEWS! The Aerobic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 1

August 31, 2015

By Cristina Casentini, UEG AER-TC President






Chères Amies et Chers Amis,

C’est un réel plaisir et une bien agréable mission de vous adresser cette première Newsletter, que votre Comité technique vous adressera périodiquement, au gré de notre actualité.

AERONEWS  est un élément, modeste certes, mais un outil important, dédié exclusivement à notre discipline et qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de la politique générale de communication de l’UEG toute entière.

A ce titre, nous entendons apporter notre voix, nos informations, notre contribution aux différents messages qui composent l’actualité de la gymnastique européenne.

La Gymnastique Aérobic brille aujourd’hui comme l’astre solaire. Ses bases sont solides. Nous connaissons notre potentiel et nous nous investissons, nous impliquons dans son développement, son futur.

Je vous remercie de l’accueil que vous réserverez à ce premier Aeronewset me réjouis de vos réactions et vos commentaires.

Bonne lecture.



Dear friends,

It’s with great pleasure that I address you in this first Newsletter, which your Technical Committee will send out regularly, in function of our news and events.

AERONEWS is a modest but important tool, dedicated exclusively to our discipline, which is in line with the general communication policy of the UEG as a whole.

As such, we intend to bring our voice, our information, our contribution to different messages that form the news of European Gymnastics.

Aerobic Gymnastics today shines like the solar star. Its base is solid. We know our potential and we invest in it, we are involved in its development and its future.

I thank you for the attention you give to this first Aeronews and I am looking for to hearing your reactions and comments.

Happy reading!





20 years already!


In 2015, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the official recognition of our discipline by the FIG. We were born in 1995 and during these 20 years, we have continuously developed our activities, our programmes and this together with our gymnasts and numerous professionals, highly qualified, who all contributed to building our sport, to giving it its autonomy, its credibility. 

Starting from almost nothing, we have all together, day after day, realised a project impossible for some, exciting for others, faced challenges, and gained experience.

Today Aerobics is practiced by 31 European federations, of the 48 affiliated to the UEG: ALB, AUT, AZE, BEL, BLR, BUL, CZE, ESP, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GRE, HUN, IRL, ISR, ITA, LAT, LTU, MDA, NED, POR, ROU, RUS, SLO, SRB, SVK, SWE, TUR and UKR.

My objective, in the framework of the Technical Committee which I am honoured to preside, has always been to cultivate the notion of team, to sail the same boat. This state of mind was at the base of our shining success in Baku past June.

A dream, our dream, was realised.



The TC-AER met in Budapest (HUN), on the occasion of the Hungarian Aerobic Open, a stage of the FIG World Cup, with competitions open to seniors and age groups 12-14 and 15-17.

Baku 2015 was at the centre of our discussions. The non-Olympic Aerobics found itself at the heart of this major international event. Historic! This experience remains unforgettable for the whole Committee and its President. The alternation with the Olympic individual trampoline and the non-Olympic synchro worked well. This format showed off the diversity and complementary of these two dynamic disciplines. This type of event is useful. It generates healthy competition, which is the source of development, of creativity. I’m extremely thankful to the UEG for giving us the chance to share this experience.

We saw 10 mixed pairs and 11 groups compete. The top 6 advanced to finals where Spain and Hungary claimed the victory respectively.  

Bravo to everyone, an immense thank you and all our gratitude to all those who supported this idea, our Committee, the judges, the organisers, the volunteers, the gymnasts and their coaches. 




Complete success …


… of the training camp organised from 4 to 11 July in Cesenatico (ITA). We welcomed 90 participants (bravo!) from 10 different countries. The coaches’ course, organised parallel to the camp, was also a huge success.





Future activities


The Committee focuses on the future projects for 2016. Let us especially retain the UEG Seminar Aerobic Dance and Aerobic Step and the training camp 2016. For both events, the programme and details about the organisers will be published in the near future.  



With my compliments,

Cristina Casentini, TC-AER President