5 nations top senior Aerobics qualifications in Elvas


5 nations top senior Aerobics qualifications in Elvas

November 7, 2015

Hungary and Romania tie for the senior team European title!

The senior qualification started off with the Aero Dance and Aero Step competitions where 8 gymnasts per team gave the best of themselves. Russia placed first in both events, ahead of Spain and Hungary.

With 37 gymnasts competing in the individual women’s category, reaching the top 8 places proved a very difficult task. One of the favorites, 2014 Vice-World Champion Corina Oana Constantin, was the second to perform and she took the lead for a long time, until she was surpassed with only one tenth by a fabulous performance from Hungary’s Dora Hegyi’s. In third place was Italy’s Michela Castoldi while Spain’s Sara Moreno placed fourth. To the delight of the many Portuguese fans, Sara Silva claimed the eighth place thus securing her ticket to the final. In the individual men competition, a high level of difficulty was shown with 16 out of the 20 competitors noting a difficulty score higher than 3. Defending European Champion Riccardo Pentassuglia (ITA) showed he is the one to beat again, although the gap is very tight! Spain’s Vicente Lli qualified in second but just 0.05 away, and Hungary’s Daniel Bali another tenth behind in third.

The Spanish mixed pair Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli, who won the inaugural European Games last June in Baku, proved too strong for their challengers again, blowing the field away in the artistry (9,300!) and achieving the highest score in execution. Qualifying in first place, they left France’s Lauréna Giunipero and Maxime Breitel, who performed the most difficult routine worth 3,450, behind them by just a tenth of a point. Hungary’s Daniel Bali and Dora Hegyi, Italy’s Michela Castoldi and Davide Donati, silver medal-winners of Baku, and Romania’s Dacian Barna & Lavinia Panaete are all looking to improve their effort in finals! With only 8 tenths separating the first from the eighth spot, the final promises to be really exciting!

In the trio category it was a close battle between Romania’s Lavinia Panaeta, Dacian Barna & Lucian Savulescu and Russia’s Ruslan Zubairov, Roman Semenov & Dukhik Dzhanazian. The Russians had the advantage in difficulty but lost points to the Romanians in artistry and execution.

European Games Champions Hungary topped the standings in the group qualification, ahead of Italy and Romania.

At the end of qualification, the best 4 scores per category were added to make up the team ranking. Romania and Hungary tied for first place, sharing the European title, with Italy taking the bronze medal.

Qualified to tomorrow’s finals:

Aero Dance:

1.      RUS 1 19,200

2.      ESP 18,650

3.      HUN 2 18,600

4.      ROU 18,500

5.      FIN 17,750

6.      UKR 17,400

Aero Step:

1.      RUS 2 17,500

2.      HUN 17,100

3.      ESP 16,650

4.      UKR 16,325

Individual women:

1.      Dora Hegyi (HUN) 21,450

2.      Oana Constantin (ROU) 21,350

3.      Michela Castoldi (ITA) 21,300

4.      Sara Moreno (ESP) 21,300

5.      Aranzazu Martinez (ESP) 20,900

6.      Sara Natelli (ITA) 20,800

7.      Bianca Gorgovan (ROU) 20,750

8.      Sara Silva (POR) 20,750

Individual men:

1.      Riccardo Pentassuglia (ITA) 21,700

2.      Vicente Lli (ESP) 21,650

3.      Daniel Bali (HUN) 21,550

4.      Roman Semenov (RUS) 21,400

5.      Maxime Breitel (FRA) 21,250

6.      Gabriel Bocser (ROU) 21,150

7.      Marian Brotei (ROU) 21,000

8.      Davide Donati (ITA) 20,950

Mixed pairs:

1.      Sara Moreno & Vicente Lli (ESP) 21,250

2.      Lauréna Giunipero & Maxime Breitel (FRA) 21,050

3.      Daniel Bali & Dora Hegyi (HUN) 20,850

4.      Dacian Barna & Lavinia Panaete (ROU) 20,700

5.      Davide Donati & Michela Castoldi (ITA) 20,650

6.      Belen Guillemot & Pedro Cabanas (ESP) 20,600

7.      Danil Chayun & Evgeniia Kudymova (RUS) 20,400

8.      Bianca Gorgovan & Lucian Savulescu (ROU) 20,350


1.      ROU 21,305

2.      RUS 2 21,072

3.      ITA 20,700

4.      RUS 1 20,319

5.      HUN 1 19,677

6.      GBR 19,322

7.      ESP 19,238

8.      HUN 2 18,222


1.      HUN 20,761

2.      ITA 20,688

3.      ROU 20,616

4.      RUS 2 20,200

5.      ESP 19,744

6.      GBR 19,672

7.      FIN 19,105

8.      AZE 18,205

Tomorrow the finals for both juniors and seniors will be held. UEG provides a livestream on our Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqB9xgf9RpD96ci4RuFEKzQ. This will be geoblocked in Spain and Portugal, where it will be broadcasted on national TV.

Livestream times :

Juniors : 9.45 – 13.00 (GMT)

Seniors : 15.00 – 19.00 (GMT)