4 European Olympic Champions take the lead

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4 European Olympic Champions take the lead

October 3, 2017

Competition report of the men’s qualification at #MTL2017gym

Spread over 4 subdivisions and 2 days of competition, the world’s top male gymnasts gave it their all in the hope of qualifying to the all-around and / or event finals. The talk of the town was –of course- if 6-time World all-around and 2012 and 2016 Olympic Champion Kohei Uchimura of Japan could continue his record-breaking winning streak. Unfortunately his challenge ended after only 3 events when he injured his ankle on vault. He still competed on parallel bars before withdrawing. A sad way to end an impressive title collection. Competing in the first subdivision, European Champion Oleg Verniaiev didn’t have the best day. Qualifying in fifth place to the all-around final, the 24-year-old Ukrainian knows what he needs to improve in Thursday’s final: “I am calm. One competition is done, now I focus on the next. I have some things to work on, but it’s ok. It’s all good.”

This competition also marked the return of double Olympic Champion Max Whitlock (GBR) who focused on his signature events floor and pommel horse. A fall on floor prevented him to advance to the final but his pommel horse routine was impeccable: If I’m really honest I’m pretty happy with the whole performances today. The floor is a new routine so I have no regrets in really going for it after no competition practice, four out of five new tumbles so that’s pretty tough. I’ve never been so nervous as competing pommel which is really strange. Having made the floor mistake, it upped the pressure so I was just happy to stay on. I can definitely clean it up a bit for the final. I have a few days rest now so can work on a few things ready for the weekend.”

European, World and Olympic Champion on rings Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) did what he does best: hit another fabulous rings routine to comfortably take the lead. 2012 high bar Olympic Champion Epke Zonderland (NED) recovered from a fall on parallel bars to ace his high bar exercise, bumping current European Champion Pablo Braegger (SUI) into second place.

Drama at the end of the competition when Bart Deurloo (NED) claimed a faulty floor. He was right and all 4 gymnasts were allowed to redo their routine. And it was his teammate Bram Verhofstad who excelled and slipped into the top 8 making the floor final. The Worlds debutant couldn’t quite believe it: “It wasn’t a good competition floor as it broke. So when we were all done, our coaches and the coaches from Ireland went to the judges saying that it wasn’t right. Then they lifted the mat and there was indeed something that stuck out. So then we all got a second chance. And in some miraculous way I managed to pull something off… It was crazy!”


All-around top 8

1.      Manrique Larduet (CUB) 86.699

2.      Ruoteng Xiao (CHN) 86.297

3.      David Belyavskiy (RUS) 85.839

4.      Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 85.697

5.      Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 85.431

6.      Chaopan Lin (CHN) 84.515

7.      Yul Moldauer (USA) 84.331

8.      Nile Wilson (GBR) 83.832


Qualified to the apparatus finals:


1.      Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 15.766

2.      Donnell Whittenburg (USA) 15.033

3.      Yul Moldauer (USA) 14.700

4.      Artem Dologopyat (ISR) 14.666

5.      Hansol Kim (KOR) 14.666

*Eddie Penev (USA) 14.633

6.     Manrique Larduet (CUB) 14.466

7.      Bram Verhofstad (NED) 14.433

8.      Milad Karimi (KAZ) 14.325


Pommel horse

1.      Max Whitlock (GBR) 15.300

2.      Hao Weng (CHN) 15.033

3.      Alexander Naddour (USA) 14.966

4.      Ruoteng Xiao (CHN) 14.866

5.      Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 14.733

6.      David Belyavskiy (RUS) 14.666

7.      Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) 14.525

8.      Harutyun Merdinyan (ARM) 14.433



1.      Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) 15.400

2.      Denis Abliazin (RUS) 15.333

3.      Ibrahim Colak (TUR) 15.033

4.      Samir Ait Said (FRA) 14.966

5.      Yang Liu (CHN) 14.800

6.      Courtney Tulloch (GBR) 14.766

7.      Igor Radivilov (UKR) 14.733

8.      Arthur Zanetti (BRA) 14.700



1.      Hakseon Yang (KOR) 15.283

2.      Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 14.949

3.      Marian Dragulescu (ROU) 14.866

4.      Keisuke Asato (JPN) 14.716

5.      Zachari Hrimeche (FRA) 14.699

6.      Igor Radivilov (UKR) 14.670

7.      Hansol Kim (KOR) 14.649

8.      Jorge Vega Lopez (GUA) 14.616


Parallel bars

1.      Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 15.466

2.      Jingyuan Zou (CHN) 15.233

3.      Manrique Larduet (CUB) 15.200

4.      David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.066

5.      Chaopan Lin (CHN) 15.000

6.      Ferhat Arican (TUR) 14.933

7.      Marcel Nguyen (GER) 14.933

*Ruoteng Xiao (CHN) 14.800

8.   Pablo Braegger (SUI) 14.800


High bar

1.      Epke Zonderland (NED) 14.433

2.      Pablo Braegger (SUI) 14.433

3.      Tin Srbic (CRO) 14.366

4.      Oliver Hegi (SUI) 14.333

5.      David Belyavskiy (RUS) 14.208

6.      Bart Deurloo (NED) 14.033

7.      Randy Leru (CUB) 14.000

8.      Hidetaka Miyacho (JPN) 13.966


*don’t advance to the final due to the two-per-country rule


Find the full results on the FIG’s event website: https://live.fig-gymnastics.com/schedule.php?idevent=13465