3 titles for Russia, 1 each for Great Britain and Belgium at Acro World Age Group competitions

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3 titles for Russia, 1 each for Great Britain and Belgium at Acro World Age Group competitions

March 24, 2016

Review of the Age Group 11 – 16 finals in Acrobatic Gymnastics

The Chinese city of Putian is this year’s host of World Age Group Competitions in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Today the gymnasts in the 11 – 16 age group contested their finals. Based on the total of their balance and dynamic exercises in qualifications, the top 8 formations with a limit of 1 per country advanced to the final where they had to perform their balance or their dynamic exercise according to their category. Scores started from zero again.

Women’s Pairs

The 8 pairs in this final had to perform their balance routine. After a very close competition, Jessica Geldhill and Olivia Proctor held on their top position from qualification and are returning to Great Britain with the World title! Their better execution gave them the edge over Russia, while Portugal was held off by a lower artistry score.

1.      Jessica Geldhill and Olivia Proctor (GBR) 27.900

2.      Viktoriia Mukina and Polina Ovsyannikova (RUS) 27.750

3.      Beatriz Carneiro and Bruna Gonçalves(POR) 27.700

Women’s Groups

Russia qualified in first position to the final where the dynamic routine had to be performed. Belgium’s women’s group narrowly defeated the Dutch, while Russia had to settle for the bronze medal.

1.      Aukje Quivreux, Liset Lorre and Marthe Van de Keere (BEL) 27.900

2.      Sam van Lieshout, Veerle Martens & Lin-Si Markesteijn (NED) 27.850

3.      Anastasia Bykova, Ekaterina Sergeeva and Elizaveta Sergeeva (RUS) 27.750

Women's group Belgium

Men’s Groups

4 men’s groups performed spectacular balance exercises. Traditionally strong, Russia has prepared the next generation of acrobats well, sending two groups, who fought a tight battle to get into the final where only one group per country can participate. The difference between the 2 groups was only 5 hundredths of a point after both exercises! Russia 1 advanced to the final which they comfortably won, finishing more than 7 tenths ahead of Great Britain. The Chinese group, unfortunately, disappointed in front of the home crowd.

1.      Maksim Pavelko, Kirill Romanov, Rustam Salimdzhanov and Bogdan Stepanov (RUS) 28.250

2.      Max Crawford, Leo Keenan, Jacob Robinson and Daniel Axford (GBR) 27.500

3.      Sean Butehorn, Daniel Disman, Grant Shields and Sean Shields (USA) 26.600

Mixed Pairs

In qualification, Russia came out on top before Great Britain and USA. Russia confirmed their top position with their dynamic routine in the final. USA managed to slip in front of Great Britain who held off the challenge from Portugal.

1.      Elena Kovalenko and Anatoly Slivkov (RUS) 27.800

2.      Jarrett Darrah and Emma Fitzgerald (USA) 27.500

3.      Jordan Franklin and Ella Hanna Sanz (GBR) 27.450

Men’s Pairs

Russia was more than a point ahead of Great Britain after qualifications, with USA a further 2 points behind. The same order was held after their final balance although Great Britain did narrow the gap to 0.150.

1.      Artyom Simonov and Andrei Zuev (RUS) 28.350

2.      Sam Large and Hector Kinghorn (GBR) 28.200

3.      Angel Felix and Braiden McDougall (USA) 27.200


Full results can be found on the FIG website: http://fig-gymnastics.com/site/page/view?id=877

The Word Age Group Competitions continue with the 12 – 18 and 13 – 19 categories before we focus on the seniors next weekend.