2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing - Gold for Irina Annenkova !


2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing - Gold for Irina Annenkova !

August 27, 2014

One more gold medal for Russia ! Irina Annenkova confirmed her supremacy in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual All-Around Final. Maryia Trubach from Belarus wins silver, Laura Zeng from the USA bronze.
What a great final! Irina Annenkova did not leave the slightest chance to the other gymnasts and wins the Olympic title with a total of 58.575, followed by Maryia Trubach (BLR, 56.950) and Laura Zeng (USA, 56.750).
After the hoop exercise, Irina was already in the lead as she had the highest difficulty and execution scores. In the ball final, Maryia had a slightly higher difficulty score than Irina, but could not match the execution of the young Russian - 8.350 compared to 8.800 ! 
Irina Annenkova had once again the highest scores for the club routine, but this time Maryia had a lesser score than Laura Zeng from the USA. 

The ribbon exercise was very interesting, as this is not Irina’s favourite apparatus. This time, she had only the 2nd best score and was beaten by the excellent Romanian Ana Luiza Filiorianu. 
The end result was therefore no surprise. Russia adds another gold medal to its already impressing collection and Belarus wins its first medal at these YOG, a silver one, thanks to Maryia Trubach. Bronze goes to the USA. Ana Luiza Filiorianu from ROU is 4th, Linoy Ashram from ISR 5th, Valeriya Khanina from UKR 6th and Nicoleta Dulgheru from MDA 7th. 

Our sincerest congratulations to these young gymnasts for their wonderful presentations and excellent results !
The last gymnastics event of these 2nd Youth Olympic Games will be the final of the RG groups, later today. 
Don’t forget that you can watch the competitions live at http://nanjing.ovp.olympic.tv/
Website of the YOG: http://www.nanjing2014.org/en/
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